Inaugural edition of F4 (FREEZING, Fitness, Fellowship, Faith) at QuakerCrater for the VQ of Tweezers.  Threats of relentless banter from Snooki proved to be hollow; very little chatter this morning.

No FNG’s…no lawsuits…so we moseyed to the bottom of the hill.


SSH x 15

Sun God’s (forward) x 15

Windmill x 10

Sun God’s (backward) x 15

Mountain Climbers OYO x 20 double count

Hillbillies x 15

Imperial Walkers x 15

Indian run up the hill to the back parking lot


Split into groups of 3.  3 stations, one station at each parking lot light.  Person 1 went to station 1, person 3 went to station 3, person 2 moseyed from station 1 to station 3, stopping in the middle at station 2 to perform 10 merkins, before continuing to station 3 to relieve their partner.  Then, person 3 became the runner and moseyed to station 1, stopping at station 2 along the way to perform 10 merkins, continuing to station 1 to relieve their partner.  Each time you arrived at a station you had been at before, you moved down in the list of exercises to something new.  Lather, rinse, repeat once you finish all 4 rounds.

Station 1

Round 1 – Squat Jacks

Round 2 – Lieutenant Dan

Round 3 – Copperhead Squats

Round 4 – Monkey Humpers

Station 2

Merkins x10

Station 3

Round 1 – Plank Jacks

Round 2 – Peter Parker/Parker Peter

Round 3 – Carolina Dry Docks

Round 4 – Shoulder Taps

Q called Omaha – mosey back to the shovel flag


Freddie Mercury x 20

Box Cutters x 20

LBC’s x 20

Dying Cockroach x 20

Low Dolly x 20

High Dolly x 20

(Fast 10 count by Bed Bug)

American Hammer x 30


Sacked having surgery on his hip on Tuesday, 11/15. “Less than a hip replacement – putting titanium on the joint” – Bulldog’s 10-second summary of their 10-minute conversation.  Keep him in your prayers.

Virus had a cartilage transplant in his knee and has been coming to Sweat Angel on Thursday.  Will be co-Qing w/ Longtime this Thursday, 11/10 thanks to the healthy dose of EH that was prescribed.

Tweezers – dad just had third round of Chemo on 10/28/16.  Rough week last week recovering.  Scheduled for round 4 on Friday, 11/18 – will be travelling out to California that weekend to be with him and his mom.  Pray for opportunities to be helpful and remove some of the pressure his mom has on being the “caretaker”.

Snooki – friend (Jason) who was going through some issues is doing much better.  Snooki hasn’t seen him yet, but they have talked a few times (last update, Jason wouldn’t speak to Snooki as he was trying to intervene and help).  He is doing better, thank you for all the prayers, please continue to pray for him and also pray for Snooki to have a voice to speak into his life and inspire change.

COT – Snooki prayed us out

PAX: 11/7/16

QIC: make_the_crater