Unofficial title: The Centurion

Long, long ago near a playground not far away the Pax gathered to test their spirits and fortitude under the watchful gaze of the Slum Lord, leader of the galactic empire of pain. And then this happened…

In an upside down world where justice and right seem to be reversed, the Pax started their collective journey to enlightenment with:

Mary @ the Flag

American Hammer: 30 count [Bodett on the Q]

Homer Marge: 30 count [Stage Fright on the Q]

Freddy Mercury: 30 Count [Everest on the Q]

First Evolution

Then the Pax strolled to main parking lot for the Centurion, which is; since you asked:

Sprint from Red Arrow to Yellow Arrow then 10 Burpees OYO x 10 ROUNDS

Mosey to the playground

Second Evolution

The Pax counted off by three’s and did this in teams in cadence and in rotation:

Colonel Dans (Plyo “jump” Lt. Dans) x 50

Plank Jacks x 50

Jump “jumpy” Pull-Ups x 50 (some Pax man-up’d and did them strict, Wicked would have been proud)

Mosey to the Flag

Third Evolution

The Pax gathered in an oblong circle and…

Pax engaged in Carolina Dry Docks into Donkey Kick AMRAP until Slum Lord interrupted their tranquility and marched them over to the parking lot for walking lunges. Kind of like Lt Dans, but without the squat. But there was still time, and because the Pax were burgeoning with testosterone filled rage at the thought the workout was over, Slum Lord, with the aid of his trusty Lieutenant Bodett, pushed the Pax to new heights of self awareness and disdain for the Q with a goody bag of extras; Side Straddle Hops, Monkey Humpers, and blah, blah blah… At one point, Slum Lord found religion and read Matthew 8:5-13 while the Pax planked it up. And all were saved by the end, sort of.

Name-o-rama & Announcements:

One announcement for the trifecta of Spartan Races 2017. Slum Lord announced service announcements.

BOM with Stage Fright prayed it out with some very uplifting words of encouragement.

PAX: Slum Lord

QIC: 11/07/16