QIC reiterated the mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. That’s what we are here for, we are here for more than a great workout!

SSH 20x

hand release merkins 20x

copper head squat 20x

hillbilly 20x

mosey to the parking across baseball stadium

thang 1

partner clap merkins x10 in the middle, then split off the two ends of the parking lot to do the following exercises. This keeps the PAX honest about their merkins and pushes them to keep up with their partner: (25x for all)

bobby hurley

crunchy frog

monkey humper


hand release merkin

wojo squats

burpees(Omaha’d to 15)



plank jacks

carolina dry docks

Lt. Dan

QIC got partnered up with Slumlord! Slumlord finishes early on every set and I have to push it a little harder (later that night QIC went straight to bed after putting the kids to sleep, around 8:30).

thang 2

plank 15 count

super man 15 count

red sun 15 count

super man 15 count

mosey back for mary


LBC (Led by Hackman)

Cyndi Crawford (Led by Girth)

American hammer

COT by Slumlord

Slumlord: Blood drive coming up in January. Wojo/I-Beam, Jingle Bell run in Raleigh

Amphibious encouraged Slumlord for Q, contact Magic.

Bulldog: there was some discussion on a can drive for Thanksgiving, more details to follow.



PAX: Girth, Mozart, Slumlord, Golden Coral, Hackman, Amphibious

QIC: Bulldog