YHC was inspired by Wojo’s Q on Arise, a so-called STAR BLIMPS. It is easy at first, but rapidly gets harder as the reps double, triple, and quadruple. Also YHC was mindful that the PAX will stick together only if there is fellowship, something that the 1st F can not completely fill. I thought there must be some ways to get the PAX get to know each other outside the beatdown.



inch warm merkin OYO 5x

Star Jack 10x IC by count

Travoltas 10x on each side

Ab chopper

Mosey to library parking lot (good 0.5 mile run)

Thang: Star BLIMPS, We began in the center of the star.. Begin with 10 star jacks then fast mosey to each cone beginning at 12 o’clock and proceeding clockwise around the star. After each station, fast mosey back to center for 10 star jack and then proceed to next cone. Plank for the six at the end of each set.

Set 1 (10 star jack in center between each cone):

2 Burpees

4 ab chopper

6 inch worm merkins

8 Merkins

10 Travoltas (left arm reach)

12 Jump Squats

Set 2 (10 star jack in center between each cone):

4 Burpees

8 ab chopper

12 inch worm merkins

16 Merkins

20 Travoltas (right)

24 Jump Squats

Set 3 (10 star jack in center between each cone):

6 Burpees

12 ab chopper

18 inch worm merkins

24 Merkins

30 Travoltas (left)

36 Jump Squats

Set 4 (10 star jack in center between each cone):

8 Burpees

16 ab chopper

24 inch worm merkins

32 Merkins

40 Travoltas (right)

48 Jump Squats

Everyone, including QIC finished Set 3, some have started Set 4 when QIC called Omaha. QIC’s legs are now numb!

Now for the competition, run back in team of 4 to shovel flag, pick up a card at each station, do the exercise. Have to stick together. The exercises were rigged so that the first team there does more reps, but my Sugar Ray CJ took the charge while QIC and Ozone were behind.

Station 1 at the round intersection where we normally do warmups: crab cakes

Station 2 at the corner of the building: swimmers

First to touch shovel flag is winner, and they win a $20 gift card to Chik-fil-a, but they have to go to breakfast/lunch/dinner together. Team Wojo won, composed of the honorable Tweezers, Wojo, Slumlord, and Snowflake?


Plank/left arm up/right arm up, 6inches, then reverse plank/left leg up/right leg up.

closed out with american hammer


2nd anniversary convergence, Jaycee Park, 6:50am; 1 hour workout.

COT: Slumlord took us out.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead! Together, we have done 180 star jacks, 72 jump squats, My legs are sore all day. Let’s hope that the 4 winners can find some time to use that gift card!

PAX: Tweezers, Wojo, CJ, Slumlord, Snowflake, Flo, Thermonator, Sir Charles, Ozone, Polo, Bulldog (QIC)

QIC: Bulldog