6 PAX woke and arrived to the beautiful start of the World Series.


Mosey to the football field parking lot:

 SSH x 20

 Sobriety Sun Gods (fwd and back) x15

 Shoulder taps IC x 20

 Moutain Climbers IC x 20

 Copperhead squats IC x 20

 5 burpees OYO


With us being in the midst of the World Series and to celebrate a little F3 baseball was in order. Bases were setup beforehand, maybe a bit more than the traditional size field. At first base was 50 burpee, playing 2nd base was 100 squats, at 3rd was 150 merkins, and finally at home was 200 lunges. The PAX partnered up and the plan is to partner carry to 1st base, 1 person does the work as the other one runs the bases. Once the number is completed then you run home with your partner and then proceed to the next base. This continues until you “hit” or partner carry for the cycle. The PAX had a bit of mumble chatter about having to hit a home run but just one person vocally called me a bastard so Q was doing his job.

Extra credit was a game of dizzy bat. Broke up into two teams and ran opposite the bases until everyone was done. Good times!


 LBCs x 20

 Low dolly x 20

 Box cutters x 20

 Homer-Marge x 10

Good work done by all and what a beautiful day to do some work.

Prophet forgot his age but was reminded… 4….1….


 HP AO still going strong!


Earhart pulled it together and took us out in a Ball of Man.

PAX: Earhart

QIC: 10/24/16