I don’t care how old you get, if you’re a red-blooded American male doo-doo stories & mishaps never get old. One of our finest Site Q’s (no names mentioned) was in a deep, personal struggle with his lower GI this morning, and I’m proud to report that he whipped the intestinal demons that plagued him. PLEASE NOTE, if there are any PAX that work in the building associated with the AO, I strongly encourage you to stay away from NW corner of the building.  Word is that he made it to the trees, but that remains unconfirmed at this time…But wait there’s more, this is the second round of gut-wrenching intestinal cobra clutches I’ve been exposed to this week – could it be the weather???  Monday, #LathamGrinder, “heart shock devise” (we’ll just leave it at that, again, no names mentioned) ventured into what was undeniably the women restroom.  Since we are in the state of NC, I’m pretty sure that is frowned upon.  Furthermore, we were at a public park which if witnessed by the local authorities, potentially could have landed him on that predator watch list – not sure you ever get you name off that one…


4 minute static plank mixed in with 4 cycles of 6″ holds, 10 counts called by the PAX, and 3 rounds of Merkins 10X each.  Mosey to the scene of the crime for..


Partner 1 runs around the building while 2 does prescribed exercise AMRAP:

  • Burpees
  • Lt Dan’s
  • Peter Perkins
  • LBC’s
  • Jump Squats
  • Catalina Wine Mixers
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Imperial SQUAT Walker
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps
  • Prisoner Get-Up’s
  • Plank Jack’s

As I recall, most made it through the Catalina Wine Mixers and we finished out on LSF’s as a group before heading back to Shovel Flag for…


LSF’s (x15) IC specifically for Boat Show who brought the glow sticks from his previous night’s club experience.

Low Dolly (x15) IC

LBC’s (x15) IC

Woodys???? At least according to Daphne that is what they’re called. YHC has yet to cross-reference the Exicon.  Anyways, L leg up x12, R leg up x12, both legs up x12.

AMERICAN Hamer (x25) IC


YHC humbly took us out with 28 of my brothers by my side.


Major #Tclaps to Cheesy Poof and his family for being foster parents to the newest member of their family, Hope, who has her first day of school today.  Our prayers and support are with you, brother, you are inspiring! #HIM

Shout outs to Spike, who at 11, continues to post more than most “regular” adult PAX.  I’ve seen him post at AO’s the last 3 days – if he can do it before school so can others who fartsack.  Just sayin…  This young man is special, and will be a beast to be reckoned with one day.  Keep it up Spike I’m voting for you in 2023!

F3 GALA, MARK YOUR CALENDAR 12/10/16! YHC is an HC and cant wait.  $30/man & $60/couple. Be on the lookout, further details & eblast to follow from Daphne.

DRAGO on Q for Sweat Angel tomorrow – please go out and support him as this is his last Q before moving to CNC.  You will be missed.  CNC here is your warning!

#Tclaps to Green Bean (F3 Atl) for working out with us this morning.  We hope you’ll join us as often as you’re in town!

Fantastic 3rd F with Cornhole after SSS at HT!

PAX: Spike, Buck, Defib, Cornhole, Splinter, Amphibious, Streamer, Wilma, Girth, Green Bean, Paula Dean, Boat Show, Cheesy Poof, Daphne, Light Year, Calculus, CJ, Prophet, Cummings, Refi, Tomahawk, Bean, Fletch, Don’t Cha Know, Leverage, Explosion, JR