This is how it all went down: 1 minute per workout with 2 workouts per station. 15 seconds between each workout. 10 STATIONS total and it must have looked great on paper but it was a butt kicker!!

  1. Merkins and crunchy frogs LUNGE to station
  2. Monkey humpers and American Hammers- wheel barrow to station
  3. Peter Perkins and LSF wheel barrow to station
  4. Wojo Squats and RLBC’S- long jump to station
  5. LT,. Dans and LBC’s- Buddy carry Up the stairs to station
  6. Burpees and low dollies- crab walk to station
  7. burpees and plank jacks- wheel barrow to station
  8. Double merkins burpees and Freddie Mercuries wheel barrow to station
  9. TRiple merkin burpees and wwII sit ups and get to a wall to station
  10. balls to the wall and 6 inch leg lift and Indian run to start OMAHA

Blood drive in 1/2017; December 10 PARTY and sign up soon. A GREAT time will be had by all; city 616 11/10/2016 dinner for church leaders from all congregations. Tell your pastors and located at 614 South Street in Greensboro.

COT snookie lead us out. Snookie for crab legs. An honor and LOVE this dedicated group of men !! CARPE diem MEN



PAX: Snookie, Leverage, Jitterbug, Hot cocoa, Cheesy poof, Butt fumble, Gunny, Teboe, Cummings, boy wonder, Pinto, Dr Phil, Explosion and the Q.

QIC: Crab legs