19 men gathered at Jesse Wharton excited to get Halloween started and work up a credit towards the sugar and empty carbs that would be consumed in the coming hours. It was good to see some old friends and some new at the flag. No FNG’s so brief intro and may have forgot disclaimer?

Mosey towards the back parking lot away from the school. Some high knees thrown in to get the blood flowing

Warm A rama


Sun gods (F) IC X 10, Air Claps IC X 10, Sun GOds (B) IC X 10

Windmills IC X 10, Cotton Pickers IC X 10, Catchers Pose (10 count)

Imperial Walkers IC X 15

to the  Thang

11’s Round the Circle: we run big laps around the main lot. Longer than I remember btw. one end we do 10 burpees, then 1 WW2 or WW1 depending on the city you are in. always equaling 11 we do 9 burps/2 WW2’s 8/3 etc etc.

Plank or Rama for the 6 and Sugar Rays throw some ab work in after planking got old.

Thang 2- Rack and Stack

We line up on the straight away near the orange cones and start a “rack and stack”

Run about 50 yards 5 diamond merkins, run back 5 diamond merkins- Plank for 6

Run 5 Diamonds, 10 Air Stars Run back 5 DIamond Merks and 10 Air Stars

you get the idea, so we added 15 Mountain Climbers (ea leg), 20 Carolina DD, 25 LBC’s

Plank for the 6


WIndshield WIpers X 15 IC

Freddy Mercs X 15 IC

We did one more here but yhc was getting light headed. The thick cotton long sleeve shirt and hat was causing severe leakage. sound off if  you can remember?


Stage Fright took us out in a great COT. Thanks Stage Fright!

Announcements/ Moleskin-

  • 3rd F at Panara with Chips. we had about 9 pax post and it was a great prayer meeting. I really enjoy this and encourage others to try it. Don’t underestimate the power of prayer and let Scooby Doo know if you want to to be added to the prayer list.
  • Sacked is getting his hip resurfaced soon and TPS discussed the sign up sheet that for meals we will all be able to have an opportunity to help that brother out who gives so much to Natville. We will be with you during this procedure and recovery Sacked.
  • Pray for Drizzle Dad who is having surgery on his neck Monday Nov 1.
  • Hush Puppy lifted up Udders father or father in law who just underwent a heart surgery.
  • Boones Farm asked for some guys to step up and volunteer for Lunatic Fringe on Fridays. And prayers for a big move coming up in his family.
  • Bodett is stepping down from site Q after over a year. T-Claps for all your work buddy !  Hush Puppy and Drizzle will be taking over and they are looking for some Q’s in the coming months. This is a great AO with lots of light and opportunities for pain.
  • Hush Puppy and J-Love were setting an unreasonable pace for the sugar rays this morning. I think Beaver kept up during some of this action but it was fast and furious. I enjoyed hanging with the 6 and trying to work off the baby weight I have found over the last few months. J-Love took one look at me and said “son, you cant outwork a bad diet”.
  • All the pax worked really hard this morning through a tough round at Circle Time and I am proud to know you guys and be a part of it.

An honor and blessing as always to lead the pax,





PAX: Beaver, Stage Fright, Flamingo, Brown Noser, Huffy, Boones, Play Do, Stubing, Xerox, Bulldog, Bodett, Botox, TPS, One Thing, Drizzle, Double Check, Hush Pup, J- Love, Gilligan

QIC: Gilligan