On a beautiful November morning, a PAX of 13 overcame the Halloween Sugar High fartsack for a Cadet Lab beatdown.

YHC was pleased with the turnout given all the Halloween festivities the previous night.  The workout went like this…


Mosey to concession area

SSH   X  20IC

Windwills  X  20IC

Cotton Pickers  X  20IC

Sun Gods  X  12IC each way

Monkey Humpers  X  12IC


Mosey back to parking lot for a Merkin/LBC Ladder with Lt. Dans mixed in.

20 Merkins, 5 Lt. Dans to other side of parking lot, 10 LBC(IC), 5 Lt. Dans back to start

18 Merkins, 5 Lt. Dans, 12 LBCs, 5Lt. Dans. (repeat until down to 10 Merkins and up to 20 LBCs)

Mosey to Playground and Partner Up

Partner 1 does 5-10 Pullups while Partner 2 does Step Ups and then switch

Partner 1 then does 10 Hanging Knee Ups while Partner 2 does dips then switch

Repeat each exercise again

Mosey to Football Field

25yd bear crawl, 25yd run, 25yd bear crawl, 25 yd run,

Mosey to Shovel Flag



Xs & Os  X  10IC

Flutter Kicks  X  10IC

Outlaw(Circles)  X  10 to right and 10 to left

American Hammer X 26IC


The Real Toto and his family are adopting a child from Uganda and within the next year they will be moving to Uganda for about 18 months.

Dr. Evil’s coworker has a child with Autism and is raising money for an Autism Foundation.  She has lots of tickets for this weekend’s Wake Forest/ UVA football game to sell to raise money.  The tickets are only $15 (face is $30) and they include food too.  Please get in touch with Dr. Evil if you are interested.

Heisenberg reminded the PAX of the Hump Day Happy Hour at The Tap Room on Battleground Av. beginning at 5:30 on Wednesdays and also reminded everyone of the new Cadet Shuffle running workout on Thursdays at 0530. Heisenberg is the Q this week.


Dr. Evil took us out.

It was an honor to lead this great group of men today.


PAX: Misfire

QIC: 11/01/16