7 Pax including (YHC) showed up to run off some Halloween Candy by doing some track intervals. Apparently YHC needed some candy this morning as he started with a very drowsy disclaimer. Didn’t need much anyway as this was a veteran group. We started moseying to the track and around for a warm up lap. Then did 20m high knees, accelerating for 60m and then decelerating for 20m, recover around the curve and repeat. Recover around the next curve and repeat the lap with butt kickers replacing high knees.

Sufficiently warmed up we jumped into the Thang:

today’s interval menu:

200m x 2 with 200m recovery

400m x 3 with 400m recovery

200m x 2 with 200m recovery

100m x 2 with 100m recovery

We did a cool down lap and moseyed back to the shovel flag. We did some stretching and finished up with American Hammers x 20 IC (Thanks Wicked!).

We got in about 3.8 miles this morning, according to my watch. If you want to Q this workout, just let YHC know. I’m sure the Pax would be glad to have a change!

COT: YHC took us out.


Zombie Zoom 5K at Northern High School this Saturday to raise money for PTSA. Great family event. See Matlock for details or look on Trivium website.

Jingle Bell Run coming up on December 3 in Raleigh. Come out and join Kate’s Caped Crusaders!

Time to start planning for the Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Watch out for sign up genius being started by TPS to help out Sacked with his upcoming hip resurfacing.

PAX: Lynda, Xerox, Matlock, Wicked, Scooby Do, TPS, and Everest (Q)

QIC: Everest