Xerox asked TPS to be the finally ‘Q’ on a month to celebrate a year as SCK and the looming 2 year anniversary of F3 Greensboro. Undaunted TPS planned an epic beatdown including some of J-Love’s finest poetry. Little did he know that J-Love had his driver ready for the 20 minute haul out to Summerfield.

Deciding that the group needed a longer than usual mosey and with headlights on, we headed out into the gloom around the pond to the pain zone. Having a FNG in the group we introduced him to some of the finest F3 offers. (SSH-IC, IST-IC, HILLBILLIES-IC, SUN GODS FWD/BCK IC, COPPERHEAD SQUATS – IC, and STRING RIPPERS (although TPS called HAMMY SCOOP and many “Nancies” were there to correct him. The group then took the road out of town to the metal gate stopping on the incline for a CLOCK MERKIN IC.

Across the street at the front of the school were two stations on opposite sides of the track. TPS did not have his calculator on the distance of a good count on the pax so a double counted was required before man one took off. After seven circuits around the lot time was called for the finally.  Recently introduced merkin ladder / balls to the wall / wall sit rotation at Cougar Town founds its way out of the car and set up beside the school. With 13 in line we jumped right in.

mumbling across the parking lot’s Cecil said it wasn’t worth his drive, he’s planning on leading next Thursday. Better have his ‘A’ game.

sprinted back to give 4 minutes of Mary before time was called. group did burpees while Q retrieved phone from car.

PAX: J-Love, Wolverine, Xerox, Cecil, Crawl Space, Polo, FNG-KOWABUNGA, Boone’s Farm, Everest, Schnitzel, Clampett, Botox, TPS