In a particularly weak moment, YHC agreed to write the backblast for the 2 year anniversary convergence of the Nattville Pax. So, here it is. Apologies in advance for errors and omissions, I’m sure they are in here. In another weak moment (getting old so I have a lot of these) I came out early for the ruck. Turns out this was not a weak moment, but a great decision. Eight of us rucked around the AO, stopping for merkins and squats and playing with the coupon designed by On Time. He did a great job on the Q and I recommend others give this one a try. A great opportunity for some extended mumble chatter and maybe some actual discussion. But, I digress, this is not the ruck backblast. Arriving back after the ruck to see the flags planted at the usual Cornwallis Nightmare location and the Pax gathering was a good sight. At first I thought that the 104 (?) Pax had come out to help me celebrate my birthday (57 today!) but soon enough Wojo started the disclaimer and I realized that it was a different sort of party. Yes, we were gathering to celebrate 2 years of F3 in Greensboro! Welcome to our new brothers: Jordan, Black Shirt, Pontoon, Papelbon, Hat Trick, and Marco. After a welcome and disclaimer, the herd moseyed to the middle of the parking lot for some warm-o-rama led by Gunny.

Warm-O-Rama (Gunny)

The Pax made a huge circle and an even bigger sound as they counted the repetitions under Gunny’s cadence. It was a great sound and a great way to kick it off today. And we could finally kick it off when Long Time decided to make his appearance (the new Nancy?).

Side straddle hop x 20 IC

Sun gods x 20 IC (forward and reverse)

Crab cakes x 20 IC

5 Burpees OYO

About this time, Nancy and his whistle got into the act. We counted off by 10, and moseyed to the ball field. Site AO’s grabbed the shovel flags and replanted them by the dugout. Groups 1 and 2 went to station A. The other groups dispersed to the other stations. After what seemed like eternity the sweet sound of Nancy’s whistle would fill the air and some groups rotated clockwise and others counterclockwise. This mixmaster allowed us to workout with more of the Pax and was a great way to see more of the crowd.

Station A – Sponsored by Bed Bug

· Face Cards = Merkins X 10 IC

· Even Numbers =Squats x 20 (single count)

· Odd Numbers =CORE (Pax’s Choice) x 20 IC

· Rinse and Repeat until Time is called

Station B – Sponsored by Stinky Cheese

· Tunnel of Love to far Cone

· Bear Crawl Back to First Base

· Rinse and Repeat until Time is called

Station C – Sponsored by LYnda

· Lunge to cone

· Jump Squats X 20 OYO

· Bunny Hop to next cone

· Monkey Humpers X 20 OYO

· Crab Walk to next cone

· Mountain Climbers X 20 (each leg)

· Broad Jump to next cone

· Turkish Getups X 10

· Lt. Dan’s to next cone.

· Wojo Squats X 20

· High Knees to next cone

Station D – Sponsored by Heisenberg

· LBC’s X 20 IC

· Homer & Marge X 10

· Freddy Mercury’s X 20 IC

· ABCs X 1

· Flutter Kicks X 20 IC

· Crab Cakes X 20 IC

· Rinse and Repeat until Time is called

Station E – sponsored by Hush Puppy

· Sprint parallel with the base line to fence – Perform 3 burpees

· Sprint back to Start – Perform 3 more burpees

· 10 count for recover – rinse and repeat until time

Lots of mumble chatter all around. Sure seemed like the cards were all face cards as Station A was pretty much a merkin fest. Tunnel of love also sparked lots of mumble chatter, most of which is best left on the field….

After the last whistle, we circled up on the field for Mary. Wicked brought his traveling Plank show to the delight of all, well some, ok not really anyone. We started with a few burpees and then ran through every plank variation known to man. Beaver had enough and left in a hurry which provided lots of mumble chatter and took our minds off the plank-o-rama. (Seriously, I love a good plank-o-rama, as you may know, and can’t wait for Planksgiving)

COT: Sacked took us out, remembering what a great gift F3 is to us all.

Tclaps to the redwoods who were here today: Wojo, Heisenberg, Stinky Cheese, and Abacus


Coffeeteria at Green Joe’s.

F3 Christmas Party / F3 Prom is December 10. Save the date and bring your M.

Thanks to the bored sole who has read down to this point. Sorry I am not a better word smith. I am honored to be part of this F3 thing and honored to write up my view of what happened today. It is making a difference in my life and I look forward to more years with this group and in giving it away to more future pax. Thanks for your support and encouragement to become a better man.


PAX: Beaver, Flapjack, Elsa (and his 2.0), Wojo, Leverage, Sir Purr, Buck, Spike, Scooby Do, Butt Fumble, Hootie, Jordan (Russ Robinson – FNG), Long Time, Plato, Cummings, Corn Hole, Black Shirt (Andrew Barnes FNG), Anchor, First String, Pontoon (Greg Harper FNG), Jitterbug, Paplebon (Bryce Harper FNG), Don’t Cha Know, Graffiti, Double Check, Ripken, Ozone, Light Year, Streamer, Cheesy Poof, Wolverine, Stretch, JR, On Time, Fannie, Xerox, Botox, Expired, Fletch, Cecil, Boone’s Farm, Rabbit, Drysdale, Heisenberg, Chips, Wicked, Stage Fright, Hat Trick (Landon Clary FNG), I-Beam, Shakespeare, Viagra, G-String, Wide Left, Abacus, Spam, Messi, Polo, Marco (Julio FNG), TPS, Hush Puppy, Crash, Bundle, Apollo, Waffle, Slum Lord, Gilligan, Pierre, Nancy, Wilma, Stinky Cheese, Windmill, Thriller, Blue Oyster, Buzz, Freon, Fromage, Lynda, Matlock, Brown Noser, Houlihan, Iron Man, Schnitzel, Vader, Hermey, Gunny, Snookie, Crayola, Man Eater, MacGyver, Bed Bug, Norwood, Nick Homes, Compound, Sugar Cake, Jingle, Unicycle, Quicken, Yeti, Wilson, Mother Fracker, Sacked, Everest.

QIC: Wojo