Halloween is just around the corner, so I felt that an unorthodox beatdown was in order. 12 PAX unwittingly posted for a 7-stage gauntlet of discomfort. Some stations were more uncomfortable than others.

The warm-a-rama was a quick run through the 7 stages so there was no misunderstanding what was expected. Before breaking up into perfect groups of 4 (thanks to the PAX for posting in multiples of 4 to make my life easier), group one began at station 1, group 2 started at station 4 and group 3 started at station 7.

Here are the 7 deadly stations…

Station 1:

Enter the track at the gate…mosey to opposite side and stop in front of the bleachers.

2 partners run up and down the bleachers 5 times while the other 2 do burpees…flip flop. Once everyone has run the bleachers, complete the lap around the track.

Station 2:

Push the car around the parking lot switching drivers at each ½ lap. 2 total laps completed.

Station 3:

Perform 15 reps of each exercise in cadence.

Dying roach, Dry Docks, Mountain climbers, Wojo squats

Station 4:

Perform 15 reps of each exercise in cadence:

LBC’s, SSH, Parker Peters, Merkins

Station 5:

Using the infamous Herniated Disks…complete a lap around the island as a team.

Station 6:

Mosey to the stairs and do a backwards bear crawl up the stairs twice. One group happened to run out of time before getting to this station (happened to be the Q’s group). I heard it was a favorite!

Station 7:

Station 7 was made up of 4 stations in the interior courtyard of the school grounds.

Perform each exercise for 1 minute.

  1. K-bell swings and goblet squat
  2. Shoulder press and bent-over row
  3. Curls and tricep kick-backs
  4. Front and side shoulder raises

Once station 7 is complete, mosey back to station 1 to rinse and repeat until time is called.

I saw some great effort out there by everyone. Kudos to those that pushed it even while recovering from a cold.

Keep an eye out for an email about the 2 year F3GSO anniversary convergence this weekend.

Nomad out.

PAX: Nomad

QIC: 10/28/2016