Three PAX assembled beneath the shovel flag and made introductions to our out-of-town brother visiting from Aiken, SC.



Cotton Picker x15

Don Quixote x15

The Thang:

-Warm-up Mosey taking the large lap around the park to the sidewalk

-Travel down the sidewalk to 150, turn right to the sidewalk’s end, about face and run in the other direction to where the sidewalk ends (beside Oak Ridge ABC), then back along the sidewalk/road to the shovel flag.

-Head to the football field

-Suicides from the end zone to the ten yard line, back to end zone, mosey to twenty yard line, back to end zone, thirty yard line, ad infinitum.

-Mosey back to the shovel flag for a total of 2.75 miles on this day.



Reverse LBC x15

American Hammer x20


Greensboro 2nd annual convergence at Jaycee park.

Thanks to Skinner for coming out while he was on vacation!

PAX: The Real Toto

QIC: 10/27/16