Here is how it all went down on Thursday morning. The 9 of us got to the park in the gloom and the doom (actually it was very nice temperature wise? We got out the weights and circled up. No litigation and we expressed the reason for F3. We had my music which is a very strange mix of everything from classical to AC/DC. I had no idea on what was going to play ?

Side straddle hops for 15, 2 Burpies, 7’s and then LBC’s, Imperial squat walkers and x’s and o’s.

Then to the thang; Curls for 1 minute; Lunges for 1 minute, tricep kick backs for 1 minute and bent over rows for 1 minute. Thank to LONGTIME for lending me his phone which has a timer app. As we all know the “APPS” are a challenge !!!

Then we did reverse curls for 1 1/2 minute, lunges with a twist for 1 1/2 min and presses from squat position for 1 1/2 minutes. Thanks to those who assisted and I forgot to write down your names! You know who you are !

We wrapped it up with America Hammers with weight, flutter kicks and x’s and o’s. Thanks to HIT MAN who sent us out on a great prayer. Don’t forget to park near the gate for the convergence on Saturday am. It is ALWAYS a pleasure to lead. HAPPY birthday Jitter BUG !!


PAX: Jitterbug, Pamela, Longtime, Sacked, Virus, Hit man, Light year, Bull dog and the Q for a total of 9

QIC: Snookie