Cavity wasn’t satisfied with his work as Q 2 weeks ago. So he called back in the PAXs for a little more work.  9 total PAX came for some more pain, minus the novocaine.


SSH x 25

Windmill x 20

Hillbilly x20

MountianClimber x 20

Sun Gods x 15 forward, x 17 reverse and x15 Shinooks

Copperhead Squats x 20

Mosey from Grace Methodist Church down Bellameade St over the dreaded spiral parking deck ramp just to tease the PAX.  We kept going and circled back to the parking lot beside the ballpark.

Time to loosen the core / ab killer with enough time to recuperate before Mary.

Granny Sit-ups. -partner up, each partner goes for two minutes.

-30 seconds WWII style

-30 seconds hold at 45 degrees

-30 seconds hold at 6 inches

-30 seconds WWII style all out

The Thang:

Keeping the same partner, one partner runs around the perimeter light poles while the other partner does the exercises and alternate:

-50 Burpees

-100 Monkey Humpers

-150 Parker Peters

-200 Lunges

-250 LBCs

Finished just in time to head back to the church for some Mary.

6MOM – led by PAX on nomination

Freddy Mercuries x 20 (Magic)

Force Recon Merkins x 10 (Gunny)

Low Slow Flutter x 25 (Earl Grey)

Homer and Marge (Leverage)

Plank for 90 count around the circle (Graffiti)

American Hammer x 25 (Q)

PAX: Leverage, Graffiti, Kicker, Cornhole, Dontyaknow, Magic, Gunny, Earl Grey, Cavity (Q)

QIC: Cavity