A PAX of 11 sprung from the sack early today to explore untapped areas of the AO and learn more about this so called picnic YHC tweeted about earlier.  As we gathered at 0525 the night sky lay heavy until many thought the sun was rising early – only to realize it was just Wolverine’s headlamp…again.  The gloom welcomed two FNG’s, one of which (Audit) finally succumbed to the relentless emotional headlocks YHC had been administering for months.  Welcome also to FNG Horned Frog (Will Black) from Oak Ridge.  The PAX is always excited for newcomers and we hope you return with FNG’s of your own!.  TCLAPS to Special Ed for answering YHC’s shameful whine for representation from the Kville PAX.   The beatdown went something like this…    

Welcome,Disclaimer, Q-Thoughts

Mosey to Monkey Bars for 1:00 Monkey Hang (harder than it reads)

Mosey to Concession For Warm-O-Rama

Side Straddle Hops (x 20) IC

Hillbillies (x15) IC

Peter Parkers (x12) IC

Chinooks (x10) IC, Squatting Chinooks (x10) IC

To Soccer Field for Cardio Ramp Up

Run half way, 10 Sit Ups, Back peddle.

Run full length, 20 Merkins, Back peddle

Run half way, 30 squats,  Back peddle.

On to our Picnic

Station 1

– Group Picnic Table Presses (4-6 Man per table) x 20 (mumble chatter no more)

– Squats (x20)

Station 2

-Derkins (x20)

-Picnic Dips (x20)

-Carolina Drydocks (x15)

Station 3

-Group Picnic Table Curls (4-6 Man) x 20

-WW1 Sit Ups (x25)

-Plank Jacks (x20)

120 Yard Bear Crawl (Crowd Pleaser as always)


X & O’s (x12)

Pickle Planks (x15)

Pickle Pounders (x15)

American Hammer (x15)


2nd Anniversary of Natville’s 1st workout this Saturday at Jaycee Park. 0650 meet at tennis courts. 1 hour workout.

Heisenberg said it was time for somebody to consider taking over at the Cadet Lab as the site Q. 1 year was back on October 20th.


Udders took us out.

It was great to lead this great group of men today.


PAX: Spurrier

QIC: 10/25/16