Aye, we gathered in the Gloom with a hint of old man winter in the air that provided most of the pax and excuse to stay in there vehicles in the warm confines until it was apparent they were going to have to face the brisk morning air and the Lantham Grinder beatdown. After a brief disclaimer from yours truly and Site Q and a little welcome to the married life greeting from the Pax which was greatly appreciated we mosey to the parking lot for :

WARM-O-RAMA : (Led by Kilowatt)

SSH x 20 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Copperhead Squats x 20 IC

Sun Gods x 15 IC (forward)

Sun Gods x 15 IC (backwards)

Windmill x 20 IC


Mosey from the parking lot at reasonable pace thru the streets of Fisher Park with some mumble chatter mentioned we must be the splinter run group,only to shortly thereafter reach our destination in front of the Stairway to Heaven. After a 10 count the pax were excited to get started knowing to get to heaven you have to go thru some pain first on that journey.

Partner up(size doesn’t matter)


Partner A : Burpees x 50 (Cumulative count)

Partner B : Runs up the Stairway and back down

Lunges x 100

Imperial Walkers x 100

Merkins x 50

Plank jacks x 100

Squats x 100

Kilowatt led the Pax back to the Shovel flag and we circled up for some

6MOM :

LBC’S x 20

LOW DOLLYS x 20 (Led by Kilowatt)

Low Slow Flutter Kick x 20 (Led by Wilson)

Homer to Marge(Led by I-beam)

American Hammer(Led by Maneater)


2nd F3 Anniversary Convergence workout Saturday 0700 AM Jaycee Park


Truth took us out with Prayer

Thanks to I-Beam for reaching out to me for the opportunity to lead and Special thanks to Kilowatt (Redwood Original ) for stepping up to help me out, Aye. #F3Works








PAX: Birds nest, Maneater , Truth , Bartman , Wilson , Light year , Pinto , Paula dean , Cheddar , I – Beam , Bundle , Amphibiuos , Lynda , Kilowatt , Hackman , Graffiti , Daisy , Hootie(QIC)

QIC: Hootie/Kilowatt Co-Q