On a beautiful fall morning, 10 Pax (including 2 FNGs) gathered in the parking lot at Greensboro Day School for some track work. After the disclaimer we moseyed to the track and did a mosey around one lap to warm up. To finish the warm up, we did butt kickers for 20m, then accelerate for 60m, then decelerate for 20m, recover mosey 100m, then repeat. Then we did the same set with high knees in place of butt kickers. About this time we realized that Wilson was MIA. Tclaps for him and Wicked coming out just on the heels of the Tuna 200. Then we started the Thang:

1600m (pace about 15 sec/mile faster than 5K race pace)

400m recovery (mosey/walk)

1200m (pace a little faster than 1600m)

400m recovery (mosey/walk)

800m (pace a little faster than 1200m) (this was the plan but Omaha’d to skip the 800m)

400m recovery (mosey/walk)

400m (pace a little faster than 800m)

400m recovery (mosey/walk)

then it was back to the virtual shovel flag (should have it next week) for some stretching. Today we ran about 3.6miles – but they were fast….

COT: YHC took us out.


Gunny is Qing the Murph this Thursday – should be fun!

Convergence workout this Saturday celebrating 2 years of F3 in GSO. 7am at Jaycee Park

Thanks for the great support for the start of this workout. If anyone wants to Q, just let me know and I will happily add you to the schedule. I have been borrowing from the workouts in the book Run Less, Run Faster and from the website: www.furman.edu/sites/first/Pages/Tuesday/TrackWorkouts.aspx The book lists suggested paces for the various distances based on your 5K race time. Let me know if you want to know your suggested paces and I will look it up and send to you. These don’t look so hard on paper but it is a good workout. Come check it out and keep coming back.

PAX: Clampett (FNG: Ken Sigmon), Crawlspace, Cross Check, Hazmat, Saban (FNG: Charlie Atkinson), Boatshow, Wicked, Fanny, a cameo appearance by Wilson, and Everest (Q)

QIC: Everest