I wasn’t much in the mood to doddle on this Q. We ran around the track once as I stopped to explain a few workouts and then we jumped into it. Some PAX complained that there was no warm-o-rama, but I thought 200 meters was enough to get started.

The Thang:

Teams of three: One person runs 200 meters while the other two teammates get to work.

Side A:

Dumbell Snatch


Kb Swings


Lateral DB Lunge

Al Gore

Push Press

Side B:

DB Squat

Catalina Wine Mixer

Merkin with a row


Thruster / Burpee Combo – 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1


Low Slow Flutter

When I finished my second set of workouts I ran into an unfortunate conversation between Fanny and Amphibious discussing STDs. The other PAX were awkwardly silent. Thank goodness it was a brief conversation as the mumble chatter progressively decreased as we got deeper into the workout.

When we got to the Catalina Wine Mixers Tommy Boy and Nomad insisted on doing them on asphalt even though there was ample room for them to do them on the plush, wet grass. They taunted the rest of the PAX by telling them they weren’t really men because they didn’t use the asphalt.

When I got the next workout, Tommy Boy was going on about smelling belly buttons. Apparently its a hobby of his.

We eventually Omahaed or Omahad or Omahaded to the center of the field for a lil’ experimental Mary. Once the PAX saw what we were doing they were excited and as attentive as 7 year old boys. TUG O’ WAR!!!!! (Thank you Butt Fumble for getting the PAX in order on more than one occasion).


Big shot out to the PAX for helping me improvise with adding exercises as the two teams went at it. The first team was the Respect Team verses The Relatively Young Guys. Young Guys won and got to decide which exercise we did (Tommy Boy lead us in dying Cockroaches). The Young Guys won again (Nomad lead Crabcakes).

Circle of Trust:

Pax counted off. (Is it me; or is Butt Fumble a little to eager and excited to smack men’s butts?)

200 Spots left for Running of The Balls – December 10

Second Year Convergence next Saturday at 6:50am – Jaycee Park

Donate  to Judy’s Chair – Dianne Carter Foundation will match the next $1,500

JIngle Bell Run December 3rd

Snooki took us out.

PAX: Pamela

QIC: 10/21/16