Anytime you can Q it is a great day to serve. On occasion you get a PAX  that from the start brings an extra dose of energy and mumble chatter into the Gloom. This morning at the Nightmare was one of those days. Maybe it was the perfect weather that our Friend Schnitzel would call a Fresh morning or maybe it was just the dynamic in the group, but it was a fun and lively group from start to finish. With that opening 23 PAX  including YHC descended upon Jaycee Park ready to roll. With no FNG’s to start with we made short order of the welcome and disclaimer and headed out.

Mosey to the middle island parking lot and circled up


  • Sun Gods x 20IC each direction
  • Chinooks x 15IC each direction
  • 5 Double Merkin Burpees (did not tame the heavy mumble chatter)
  • Hillbillies x 15IC
  • Don Quixotes x 15IC

With the PAX feeling so lively and conversational (mumble chatter +) we tightened the circle and did:

  • Howling Monkey’s
    • With PAX in Monkey Humpers stance hold we went around 1 at a time with each person doing 7 Monkey Humpers until we made it all the way around. Crowd Pleaser.

Formed 2 Lines and did an Indian Run up to the Picnic Table Deck


Partner up – Partner A does the exercise while partner B does Peoples Chair along the brick wall. Awesome thing happened here as out of the Gloom FNG Michael Robinson (Pilgrim) walks up to the wall and is welcomed and announces he heard something about this group and wanted to check it out. Welcomed with open arms and big hug from Tommy Boy and the rest is history.

Exercises ( 3 Rinse and Repeats of the set)

  • Dips x 30
  • Elevated Sit-ups x 30
  • Derkins x 30

Plank while waiting for the six. Several Pax got extra credit by doing Balls to Walls (Observed Daphne, Wojo, J Love, Stage Fright, and Snookie on the extra credit. May have been more as well). When six was in we moseyed over to the top of the parking lot next to the baseball field.


4 Corners Escalator with 1 lap around the lot after each corner was completed. Once we made it to the top of the Escalator (Corner 4) we repeated Corner 4 and worked our way back down until we finished Corner 1.

Corner 1: Plank Jacks x 10

Corner 2: Planks Jacks x 10, Merkins x 20

Corner 3: Plank Jacks x 10, Merkins x 20, Squats x 30

Corner 4: Plank Jacks x 10, Merkins x 20, Squats x 30, LBC’s x 40

As PAX completed going up and back down the elevator they did Plank and LBC work until the 6 was in. Once the six was in and time getting tight we formed 2 lines behind Snookie and Buzz and did a controlled run back to the Shovelflag. Plank and Chilcutt Plank until the six was in.


  • Dying Cockroach x 20IC
  • LSF x 20IC (Thanks Wojo)
  • Cindy Crawford’s x 15IC ea side
  • American Hammer x 20IC (Thanks Daphne


  1. 2 Year Anniversary Convergence – Oct 29,2016 Gather at Shovel Flags – 6:50 a.m. – Jaycee Park – Will be a 1 hour workout. Lets come out in big numbers to celebrate this meaningful event.
  2. 2nd Annual F3 Natville Christmas Gala – Dec 10,2016 – Elks Club Greensboro – DJ and Heavy Hor d’oeuvres – great celebration. Bring your M or date. Sign Up and details coming. Daphne and Gunny on the Q.
  3. Jingle Bell Run for Juvenile Arthritis – Dec 3, 2016come out and support Wojo’ s daughter and be on her team –  Kate’s Caped Crusaders. See Wojo for entry cards and if you cannot run with the team please donate to this great cause.
  4. Northern Guilford Zombie Run – Nov 5, 2016 Great event with nice road and trail combo course. See Matlock for more details and he will send a link as well. Can attend this following a Saturday F3 workout.

Moleskin – too many observations and funny comments to mention in one BackBlast

  • Snookie called the best Jail Break ever experienced at CNightmare. Must have been a good 10 feet of ground to cover. TClaps Snook.
  • J Love continues to set the benchmark. After doing the 6 a.m. Ruck he still smoked the PAX throughout the 7 a.m. workout. Matlock right on his heels.
  • TClaps to Stage Fright for holding his own as J Loves partner
  • TClaps to Matlock, On Time, and J Love for doing the Double Dip Ruck and C Nightmare
  • Thanks On Time for always being aware of the 6 or a PAX member who needs support or encouragement. Saw other PAX doing the same. What it is all about.
  • TClaps Wojo for dropping Pearls of Wisdom during Mary . We now know the logic behind Southern Gentleman and Northern Aggressor while Planking.
  • Always good seeing Snowflake ready at the Shovelflag before the crowd hits. Getting stronger every week. Great job.
  • Can’t list all of the mumble chatter and comments during the Howling Monkey’s circle, but that was flat out funny. Laughed and hurt the whole time. Daphne was the last one to count his 7 and wasn’t sure if he was laughing or crying. Good having you in the gloom brother.
  • Welcome Pilgrim (FNG- Michael Robinson) and TClaps Tommy Boy for the EH


– Sir Purr took us out first with some wise words encouraging us to embrace this phenomenal community we have in F3 and shared that as he reaches his 1 year anniversary with F3 he started initially for the fitness and it morphed into something much greater – that being the friendships, fellowship, and support that we have as a community. Awesome words from the heart.   He then closed us out with a prayer thanking God for F3 and our group and that we would be a reflection of what is right and good as we go forth. Thanks Sir Purr

Was as always an honor to be with you men.







PAX: Snowflake, Matlock, Stage Fright, Buzz, Wojo, Poehler, Wookiee, Tommy Boy, Norwood, Ozone, Houlihan, Snookie, Pilgrim (FNG -Mike Robinson), Sir Isaac, Jitter Bug, Play Dough, On Time, Daphne, J Love, T-Rex, Sir Purr, Birds Nest, Sacked

QIC: Sacked