Four faithful PAX gathered in the gloom on the morning of the Orionids meteor shower to test the mettle of our running ability. Led by VQ EPA, we set out with the following:


-Leg stretches in standing

-Neck rolls

-Mosey to the flagpole for the Pledge of Allegiance

-Mosey back to shovel flag

The Thang:

20 minute relay.

-partner 1 laps all the fields while partner 2 rinses and repeats the listed exercises. Then swap.

-15 SSH

-10 merkins

-5 minute group run at varying intensity

-Run-walk-run to targets.

-5 minute cool down run

Approximately 2.5 miles total.


-15 Freddie Mercury IC

-15 American Hammer IC

-10 Sun God’s IC fwd and bwd

Ball of Man and Circle of Trust


QIC: 10/20/2016