On a beautiful October morning with near perfect weather YHC rolled out of bed to join the Natville pax at Lindley Park for Slammin Sammy’s Smackdown.  YHC was subbing for Stubing, who was called downrange and needed a sub.  YHC was happy to oblige and bring a beatdown worthy of Stubing.  YHC was pleased when he arrived at 5:22 am and noticed a couple of pax already there.  YHC was also impressed to see some pax run in and also hear Amphibious blaring some awesome George Jones from his car stereo! I’ll have to honor “the Possum” with a future song time.

We began at 5:30 am sharp with the following:


Pledge of Allegiance at the Shovel Flag

Mosey around Lindley Park (1/2 mile run)

While I went to pick up the 6 Cummings started us with SSH X 10 IC (thanks Cummings!).  I then took over for another SSH X 10 IC.

Mountain Climbers X 15 IC

Johnny Cash (5 merkins per pax)

Windmills X 15 IC

Sun Gods X 15 IC

Reverse Sun Gods X 15 IC

The Thang

YHC split the pax into 4 groups and then sent them to the Station that corresponded with their Group Number.  The stations were as follows:

Station #1:     Run a lap around Lindley Park (1/2 mile run);  when finished head to Station #2

Station #2:     Lieutenant Dan’s up and down the basketball court (Rinse & Repeat until relieved by group from Station #1)

Station #3:     20 Bobby Hurley’s OYO, 20 Hillbillies IC, 20 Merkins OYO, 5 Burpees OYO (Rinse & Repeat until relieved by group from Station #2)

Station #4:     20 Dips OYO, 20 Inverted Merkins OYO, 15 Copperhead Squats IC, 20 Monkey Humpers IC (Rinse & Repeat until relieved by group from Station #3)

Pax completed all 4 stations with their group before Mary time.


Apollo Creeds X 15 IC

Scissor Kicks X 15 IC

Song Time:  “Kickstart My Heart” by Motley Crue

The tension was heavy from the pax as they awaited the song selection.  A couple of pax yelled out “no country please” #cityfolk.  However, once the first guitar rift was played YHC swore he could see a couple of smiles cross the faces of the pax, even though they knew they were in for some work.  YHC instructed the pax to start in Superman and switch to Banana every time they heard “Kickstart my Heart”.  While the song was playing Boat Show called out YHC for letting his arms drop once during Superman #let’sseewhatyougotin20moreyears.  Also, it can neither be confirmed nor denied that Boatshow’s parents may have had this song playing on the night he was conceived #childoftheearly90’s

American Hammer X 20 IC

Great effort by the pax today!

COT:  Amphibious took us out


  1. Remember Heisenberg’s family (lost sister in law to cancer).
  2. F3 Greensboro 2nd anniversary workout will be on Saturday, October 29th.
  3. 3rd F on Wednesday’s at 6:30 am at the Harris Teeter at the Shops at Friendly Center (Taj ma Teeter).  Cornhole site Q.
  4. Keep the EH not just on FNG’s but also on guys that haven’t posted in a while.
  5. Hermie has the Q for Thursday’s Starmount Stampede!
  6. 2nd F Lunch this Friday (October 21st) at 11:45 am at Pollo Pizza Pasta off Highway 68 (602 Hickory Ridge Drive;  Greensboro, NC 27409).
  7. Join Hush Puppy and other Natville pax on Sunday night’s at 7:30 pm at Hush Puppy’s house for a study on the book “Sticky Faith”;  how to grow your children’s faith in God.  Great study.

It was a pleasure to lead today.  Thanks again for the opportunity!



PAX: Udders

QIC: 10/19/16