8 Pax, including 1 FNG, gathered this oddly warm morning to take on Rubble and his “Hills and Laps” workout which left the Pax wondering, “Was there ever a warm-up, because it felt like it jumped straight into 2 Thangs!!”  God knows what the FNG was thinking!  The morning went something like this:

Warm-up (aka Thang 1)

Mosey to parking lot in front of playground. Run 10 laps around this part of the parking lot, stopping intermittently to do:

SSH x 15 IC

Windmills x 15 IC

Sun Gods x 10 F small, 10 F big, 10 R small, 10 R big

30 seconds merkins

5 Burpies

THE THANG (or Thang 2):

3 Stations with 4 exercises – 1 min each exercise

Station 1

Shoulder press with block



Side Lunge with block

Station 2

Lt. Dans with block

Tricep Extension with block

Mountain Climbers

Plank Jacks

Station 3

Sumo Squats with block

Peter Perkins (everyone except Dean who managed to skip this exercise…typical NC State fan!)

Monkey Humpers

Bicep Curls with block

Jog to Firepit

30 Dips

10 Derkins

10 Irkins

10 Merkins

10 Hand release Merkins

5 Hill runs


Triathlon Abs – 90 seconds

LBCs x 20 IC

4 count knees to chest x15 (these suck!!)

Cindy Crawford x 15 IC each side

American Hammers x 20 IC


Tuesday and Saturday Morning workouts at HPAC.


Prophet prayed us out, praying for our country and us as men to step up and lead our homes and communities for the sake of our kids and their future.

PAX: Gilligan, FNG-George Ragsdale (Finkle), Earhart, Dean, Worldwide, Profit, Gold Digger, and Rubble

QIC: Rubble