Just a small group of 4 others greeted YHC for a Cadet Lab beatdown this morning. After a brief intro, we got going. This BB is going out late after a computer breakdown.


After a mosey to the concession stand, here is how we started:

SSH x 20 IC

Sun Gods 20 IC F, 20 IC R

Chinooks 15 IC F, 15 IC R

Windmills 20 IC

Hillbillies 20 IC

Mosey down near the pond for:


Divided into 2 groups with one near the baseball field (A) on the trail and the other running down near the pond (B)100 yards or so away to complete. As the groups alternated back and forth, here is what they were doing

Group A does Crab Cakes while waiting for Group B runs to the lake and does 20 Jump Ups and returns. Then the groups switch and continue as follows:

Group A: Dying Cockroaches, Group B: run, 20 Burpees, switch.

Group A: Peter Parkers, Group B: run, 30 Merkins, switch.

Group A: Mountain Climbers, Group B: run, 40 Squats, switch.

Group A: LBCs, Group B: run, 50 Lunges, switch.

Mosey back to shovel flag for:


Box Cutters


American Hammers

COT: Do not recall who took us out this time.

It was an honor to lead this group. Aye!




PAX: 171