7 Pax came out for the second week of this new AO. There were no FNGs so after a brief introduction we moseyed to the open gate and did two laps around the track for a warm up. It was a beautiful warm morning and the Pax were ready to run. On the menu today were all you can eat 400 m repeats. We ran 400m at a pace ~ 30 sec / mile faster than 5K race pace. Then we moseyed 200 m as an active recovery before the next repeat. Most of us made it through 7 repeats before time was called. Next time we do this one we will try to sneak one more repeat in the time allowed. We then did a lap to cool down and moseyed back to the virtual shovel flag. Today we got in about 3.6 miles.


LBC’s x 20 IC

Low slow flutter x 20 IC

Then we did some stretching, going between Cobra and Downward Dog for ~ 5 times.

American Hammer x 20 IC


Matlock took us out.


Good luck to the Tuna 200 team. Safe travels and happy running!

Pamela is on Q tomorrow at Natty’s Hump.

Matlock is on Q at Summerfield on Thursday.

Pamela is on Q Friday at Lunatic Fringe.

I-Beam has started a splinter run on Monday at Latham Grinder. Lots of running opportunities now so no excuses.

EPA is VQ at running workout in Oak Ridge this Thursday.

Convergence on 10/29 to celebrate 2 years in GSO.

Come out to the Northern Ruckus on Saturday. Then do a double dip with the Cornwalis Nightmare.

We named this AO: Shake and Bake. Thanks to Cheesy Poof for the suggestion. For the winning entry he is entitled to a free workout. Hope to see him come out and collect soon.

Thanks for supporting this new AO. Good to see all the runners and running opportunities. Just as in the bootcamps, we all push each other, encourage each other, and don’t leave anyone behind. F3 works and I am grateful every day that it found me. Thanks brothers. And see you in the gloom soon.

PAX: 0

QIC: 7