It was the middle of the week, Hump Day as we like to call it, at Natty’s Hump and the guys were ready to go.  We launched after waiting on Viagra to get himself ready.  As we started our mosey low and behold Sugar Cake and Poehler came in hot but it turns out they wouldn’t find the Pax.  As much as Butt Fumble likes the AO he had other plans for the Pax that morning. So here is where what happened:

Mosey: We left the park on our adventure to Pisgah Church and made a hard left.  We continued until we found Walgreen’s parking lot on the corner of Pisgah and Battleground Ave.  Chosen for it’s ample lighting and hard surface.

Warm O Rama: The ever loved Burpee Circle.  As the Burpee goes around the circle the pax does the following exercises until the Burpee catches back up and round and round we go.



Imperial Walkers

Lunge Gods



Mosey:  Once we get to Fleet Feet parking lot we partner up

The Thang Part I:

Partner A sprints across the parking lot and does 15 LBC’s and back to relieve partner B who is working through a BLIMPS – Flip Flop



Imperial Walkers


Plank Jacks


Mosey: From Fleet Feet we our journey continues through the neighborhood back to Pisgah Church toward the park to the Church parking lot

The Thang Part II:

As a group we work between two speed bumps across the parking lot from eachother and do the following exercises:

Alligator Merkins x 25 then sprint

Dying Cockroach x 20 then sprint|

Crab Walk to first cone then sprint

WWII Situps x 15 then sprint

Back Peddle from one side then back to the other side

Flying Squirrel Pushups x 15 then sprint

Bear Crawl to first cone then sprint

Windmills x 15 then sprint

Kareoke between speed bumps

Sprint end to end 50%

Sprint end to end 75%

Sprint end to end 100%

Mosey: Back to Shovel Flag

Dying Cockroach x 20

Wilson led the LowSlow Flutter x 20

X’s and O’s x 15

Sugar Cake led the American Hammer x 15

COT: Slum Lord

It was an honor Gentleman


AYE: Butt Fumble

PAX: BrownNoser, BoonesFarm, JitterBug, Bodette, MinnyMouse, LongTime, Chips, SnowFlake, Daphne,

Wilson, StageFright, SugarCake, BigMitt, TommyBoy, Wojo, BirdsNest, BedBug, Nomad, Poehler, Norwood, YoAdrian, Pamela, SlumLord, Xerox, Thermanator, Snitzel, Cecil, Viagra, Huffy, LockJaw, Ozone, and Butt Fumble

QIC: Butt Fumble