It appears that YHC’s pre-blast scared people off as the turnout was below average for the now year old Circle Time. Being the Site Q, YHC took the opportunity to Q on what would be the eve of his first F3 WO. Now that first workout was painful. I thought I would not make it to the end. I was clearly the 6 for most of it. In a typical Dredd workout there was a partner carry in that first workout. I was too spent at that point, so the 60+ (double respect) partner of mine just carried me twice. Talk about putting you in your place. Well, after 2 years of going to F3 at least 3 times a week, this was a measure of how we have improved.


Mosey to side parking lot after a quick u-turn at the dumpster. COP contained:

SSH x 20 IC

Merkins x 20 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Mountain Climbers x 20 IC

Then a jog (aka-Mosey) to the larger parking lot for an OBT special…Dirty MacDeuce (12 reps of 12 different exercises, broken into 4 sets of 3, with a running segment in between each block):

Block 1: Merkins, LSF, Squats

Block 2: CDD, LBCs, Rock Hoppers

Block 3:  Wide Arm Merkin, High Dolly, Mountain Climbers

Block 4:  Crab Jacks, Freddie Mercury, String Rippers

A short recovery mosey was taken to the best hill on property at JWES near Lake Bryant Road were a bent Jacob was completed. 6 total reps with 5 burpees at the bottom/1 merkin at top. 5 trips up and 5 trips down. *editor note- partner carry would have been here in a true copy, but this WO needed to be 15 minutes less

It was then time for a Push-o-rama. The pax completed the following in cadence with reps of 20 each: Merkins, diamond merkins, wide merkins, stagger right, stagger left, chuck norris, and Jackie Chans. Much like YHC first workout where myself and Wojo had no gloves, Wicked had no gloves and finally had to move for the Chuck Norris.


Dolly x 20 IC

LSF x 20 IC

LBC x 20 IC

Superman x 10 IC

Finishing Move thanks to mr Wicked


  • This Friday-2nd F lunch @  11:45-1:00
  • Wicked looking for Site Q for THE MURPH
  • Convergence on Oct. 29 at Cornwallis Nightmare
  • Get on Twitter, it is where all the announcements occur. Stay up to date!! T-Claps to Poehler for getting on board recently. #wemissedyoutoday
  • Drizzle & Hushpuppy will be taking over Circle Time site Q
  • 2 new run workouts: Tuesday @ Greensboro Day School; Thursday @ Oak Ridge Town Park

While the first time through this workout on 10/18/14 seemed like a nightmare, this time it was only a bad dream. Thanks to WOJO for getting me out to F3 and all the guys that have encouraged me and picked me up as the 6. #ISI #F3Works


PAX: Wicked, Xerox, Stage Fright, Schnitzel, Brown Noser, Drizzle, TPS, Bodett (aka-Sewer Rat)

QIC: Bodett