All the way from West Virginia Darius Jones decided to cave in to McIver’s unrelenting EH and join the Natville Pax for Cornwallis’ Nightmare.  Not intimidated by the CannonBall Run half marathon that was taking place 25 Men posted on an early Saturday morning to #getbetter.  What took place was nothing short of amazing…………well, maybe that’s pushing it, but I was rather proud of what we accomplished and it looked like this:

Mosey: Down through the parking lot past the park gate and down to the bottom of the BMX track field.  This seemed to be an ideal place and Snookie really liked the tall grass.  I think at one point I saw him eating it!!!!


SSH X 25

Merkins x 20

Squats x 30

Peter Parkers x 20

Lunge x 20

Parker Peters x 15

Crab Cakes x 20

Sun Gods x 15 (Reverse)

Mountain Climbers x 20

and because Snookie got fresh and forgot to drink his prune juice……..

5 Burpees OYO rounding out the Warm-O-Rama

The Thang:

Partner Up – Partner A runs up the BMX track to the top and back down and relieves Partner B who does the following excises until A returns – Flip Flop

Dying Cockroaches

Shoulder Tap Merkins

Imperial Squat Walkers

Three Rounds felt like a lifetime but we just beginning

Mosey: Nice trail run through the woods. Took a wrong turn which led to a rather extended trail run until we found our way over the river and through the woods to the road………………..O my!

Partner Up once again.  Partner A back peddles up the paved hill to the stick in the road and back down while Partner B does the following at the bottom – Flip Flop

Flying Squirrel Merkins

American Hammer


Mosey: The final leg of the work out was a long trail run mosey back through the woods.  This was challenging but very rewarding for all those that completed the run back. Great work guys.  The Pax who got to the shovel flag circled back after some core exercises and picked up the 6 and brought the Pax back to the flag


Missed the first round but came back to end off the morning with the Hammer x 25

COT: BirdsNest (Life and our Spiritual Journey is like being on the Trail !!!!!)


Butt Fumble

Welcome Ducky to the F3 Family – Look forward to seeing you in the gloom again.

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