On a cool October morning YHC rolled out of bed to head to Oak Ridge to run.  YHC was not in the mood to run or do F3 on this fine morning (full disclosure here).  However, YHC knew there would be pax there and knew they were expecting YHC to be ready to go.  So with sleep deprivation and some sense of purpose YHC made the short drive to Oak Ridge.  YHC was pleased with the turnout (biggest yet for this workout) and we began at 5:30 am sharp with the following:


Mosey to flag for the pledge of allegiance

Mosey to concession stand


Copperhead Squats X 15 IC

Cotton Pickers X 15 IC

Sun Gods X 15 IC

Reverse Sun Gods X 15 IC

Moroccan Nightclub X 15 IC

The Thang

YHC instructed the pax to mosey around the football field to the shovel flag to warm up.

YHC then instructed the pax to run around all the fields and for the faster runners to pick up the 6 after they made it to the shovel flag.  Once we finished and got a standing 10 count we then sent the two slowest runners out first, followed by the next 3 runners leaving in 20 second increments.  YHC somehow beat EPA back to the shovel flag (thanks EPA for letting me think I can run with you).  After finishing we then did some interval training in the parking lot:

Sprint 30 seconds, Walk 30 seconds

Sprint 45 seconds, Walk 45 seconds

Sprint 60 seconds, Walk 60 seconds

We finished the thang with another big lap around all 4 fields.  Final run total was approximately 3 miles!


Apollo Creeds X 15 IC

Freddie Mercury X 15 IC

Scissor Kicks X 15 IC

X’s and O’s X 10 IC

American Hammer X 15 IC

Great work by the pax today.  Bodett made great effort, Heisenberg continues to impress, and Toto and EPA showed me they are ready to do BRR again!

COT:  EPA took us out


  1. Remember Heisenberg’s family (lost sister in law to cancer)
  2. F3 Greensboro 2nd anniversary workout will be on Saturday, October 29th.
  3. Bodett is the Q at Circle Time on Monday (October 17th).  Will be leading same workout he did for 1st F3 post.
  4. New Thursday Oak Ridge AO has been named “Cadet Shuffle”.  T-claps to Bodett for “Colt 45” and Toto for “Space Cadet” suggestions.  Toto is new site Q;  T-claps Toto for doing this.  This AO is split between Greensboro and Kernersville.
  5. EPA’s VQ will be next Thursday (October 20th).  Not to be missed!
  6. 2nd F lunch on Friday, October 21st at 11:45 am at Pollo Pizza Pasta (602 Hickory Ridge Drive;  Greensboro, NC 27409).
  7. Join Hush Puppy and other Natville pax on Sunday night’s at 7:30 pm at Hush Puppy’s house for study on book “Sticky Faith”;  how to grow your children’s faith in God.  Great study.


PAX: Udders

QIC: 270