I decided a while back to hold back a ‘Q’ for myself one and again, but after leading Circle Time Monday turning two Q’s in a week made me feel like Beaver or Butt Fumble…

Once again TPS suffered technological issues when watch was on fritz…note to self – replace TOM TOM. But Wolverine volunteered to keep track of time and distance although i did not think he would announce them in .25 mile and 15 minute increments. Thurmnator joined, we joked about the regulars who fart-sacked or would be coming in hot and started a mosey around outer loop in case they joined. After a quick  fly-by with no stragglers we moseyed to rear of school for a quick warm-o-rama.

SSH, DON Q., SPIDERMAN MERKINS, SUN GODS, SQUATS, IST, FLOCK-o-SEAGULLS and then off to the track.  There we added in DIPS, STEP-UPS, DERKINS, half lap Rinse and repeat on far side. Mile 1 announced by Wolverine…

Then we headed to the football field for the THANG. Although still missing his watch TPS had upgraded to a new set of motion sensor flood lights for the signs stationed 50 yards apart. (Note to self – stretch to 70 yards next time). 20 count – as a group

SIGN 1 – SQUATS, MERKINS, Carolina Dry Dock, Prisoner Get-ups, LBC, Crab Cakes

Sign 2 – Merkins, SpiderMan Merkins, Peter Parker, Parker Peter, Monkey Humpers, Flock-o-seaguls

Rinse and repeat.

at 1.85 miles we began the unwind…

DIPS, STEP-UPS, DERKINS, half lap Rinse and repeat on far side.

Down to the Cougar Town – mural for Balls to the wall and people chair – Round 1 30 secs, Round 2 45 seconds.

Then, we continued the mosey to TPS Clock Merkin hill for one set and off to Mary


Freddie Mercury, Rosalie with the Clap, Cindy Crawford, LBC, Dying Cockroach, Table Plank, American Hammer.

No announcements.