On a fantastic Friday morning 24 men descended on the Fringe ready to work hard and get stronger. A lively group with an abundance of mumble chatter – good stuff.Great job and effort from the PAX. Here is how it went:


  • Sun Gods x 20IC each direction
  • Hillbillies x 15IC
  • Copperhead Squat x 15IC
  • Lucky 7’s
  • Center Spine Stretch x 30 seconds each direction


  • Bicep Curl x 12 ea arm (4 sets)
  • 5 Burpees OYO (attention getter)
  • WW1 Sit-up with weights x 20 (3 Sets)
  • Goblet Squat x 20 (2 Sets)
  • AL Gore x 49 count (2 Sets)
  • Front Lateral Raise x 20
  • Side Lateral Raise x 10
  • Overhead Press x 20
  • Copperhead Sit-up x 20 with weights
  • Tricep Kickbacks x 12 ea. arm (2 sets)
  • Close Grip Press x 20 (2 sets)
  • 22 Merkins to recognize and support all PAX doing 22 for 22 days (bringing attention to suicide rate in military)
  • Goblet Squat x 20 (1 Set)
  • Al Gore x 49 count
  • Bent Row x 12 ea arm (3 Sets)


  • Cindy Crawford’s x 15 ea side
  • LS Flutter x 20 IC
  • LBC’s x 20 IC
  • American Hammer (with weights) x 20 IC


  1. Chips – on the Q for week 3 High Point launch. Come out and support – clown car meeting at O’Henry Hotel 6:15 a.m. Thanks for stepping up Chips. #HIM
  2. Slumlord – Judy’s Chair service project needs F3 Natville’ s continued support. A little over half way to goal of $10,000
  3. Butt Fumble on the Q for CNightmare tomorrow
  4. Pamela on the Q for Lunatic Fringe next Friday
  5. Keep Heisenberg’s family in prayer as his sister-in-law just lost her courageous battle with cancer.
  6. Wojo –
    1. 2 Year F3 Natville Anniversary Convergence set for October 29 – 7:00 a.m. at Jaycee Park. More details to come.
    2. Dec. 3 – Jingle Run for Juvenile Arthritis. Wojo’ s daughter Kate will be the youth honoree and once again leading Kate’s Caped Crusaders. Will be in Raleigh this year with link to the event coming out soon. Great event for a great cause.
    3. Dec 10 – 2nd Annual F3 Natville Christmas Gala. Gunny and Daphne on the Q. Save the date – more details to come.


  • Mumble Chatter was great this morning. Even though Bed Bug was not present Snookie made up for it parked right beside Bodett. Always entertaining.
  • TClaps Boones Farm tossing around the 30lb. weight this morning. Strong!
  • Thanks to Wojo, Bodett, Snookie, Poehler, Chips, Butt Fumble, and Long Time with help counting reps
  • TClaps Slumlord completing the workout wearing a Ruck Vest

Great work this morning and thanks Boones Farm for the opportunity to Q this great AO and workout.




PAX: Sacked

QIC: 10/14/2016