As the Pax gathered TPS lamented on a non moving possum in the middle of the road.  He mentioned that every time that he turns left, something sounds like it is scrapping.  When asked if the possum was lodged in the wheel well he said he did not think so.  At that same time JR was pulling in and getting kind of close on the pull in backward parking job.  TPS mentioned if JR hit the front right side he could just get both problems solved at one time.  JR was properly parked and there was no contact.  Although JR was over there for a long time and there was some question on what was occurring.  JR appeared with swim shorts and long sleeve shirt.  The Pax did ask where the water wings and pool was located.  Of course, when JR started doing the real dips/one legged push ups the questions stopped.

Started off with some Yoga as Stretch made his fashionably late entrance as scheduled each week.

Plank  2 minutes, Downward dog – 1 minute, hip flexor warrior 1 stretch on each side – 30 seconds, back stretch with right over left and then left over right for 30 seconds, touch the toes for 30 seconds, left arm over chest while pulling in with right arm while standing on one leg (TPS special), switch

Mosey for 7 minutes before stopping for sprints (.8 miles)

(10) 100 yard sprints – cone to cone.   There are some fast Pax.

Mosey to the fitness center to start the rotation.

Partner up – one team of 3

10 WW2 situps in drop off circle, Mosey 100 yards to fitness center for 20 merkins, mosey back to drop off circle for 10 situps, Mosey back to fitness center for 20 dips, continue rotation until time is called.  Pamela and Slum Lord will leading the pack.

Quiz – if done with complete rotations how many merkins, dips, and sit ups will have been performed after 7 revolutions?  Hint should be same number merkins, dips, and situps.

At 6:10 time was called and 6 MOM began.

50 low slow flutter in cadence, 20 low dolly IC, 20 marge/homer in cadence, 10 yoga LBCS, and 20 american hammers IC

Awesome job today!

COT by Stretch


Slum Lord mentioned Judy’s Chair is at 60% funded.  We need final push to 100%.

BF on Q for CN on Saturday.  Should be a good one!

PAX: Wilson

QIC: 10/13/16