It was a crisp fall morning, temps in the mid 40’s, and 7 Pax (including YHC and one FNG) came out to experience the launch of the newest running workout in Natville. We met at Greensboro Day School, as we will each Tuesday. Pax are encouraged to come next week and we will try to give this AO a nice new name. After a brief disclaimer, we finished some stretching and headed to the track.

This is a running workout, right – so warm-o-rama was done by moseying around the track for a few laps. Then we got into the Thang:

The idea behind this workout is twofold: one is to add another running workout, spaced between Soul Crusher on Sunday and Starmount Stampede on Thursday. The other idea is to add an opportunity to do some interval work. So it went something like this today:

400 m at 5k race pace or below (same pace for all intervals)

cool down mosey lap

800 m

cool down mosey lap

1200 m

cool down mosey lap

800 m

cool down mosey lap

400 m

cool down mosey lap

after each interval, the Pax circled back on the cool down lap to pick up the six. When ready, we all started each interval together but ran at our own paces.

Just as we were finishing our cool down, our brother Long Time made a cameo appearance. Nice to see him as always. He was just getting going when we circled up for a quick bit o’Mary…

LBC’s x 20 IC

Box Cutters x 20 IC (thanks Stinky Cheese for calling this one in your inside voice…)

Low Dolly x 20 IC

American Hammer x 20 IC

I appreciate the support on this new AO and look forward to seeing some other faces here next week. We put in just over 4 miles today. Next week will be different plan but similar idea. Let’s get stronger together. Welcome to Cross Check! He was hard to keep up with and put in a strong effort.

COT: YHC took us out.

No announcements today.

PAX: Xerox, Bodett, Cross Check (Daniel Maas – FNG), Hazmat, Lynda, Stinky Cheese, and Everest (Q)

QIC: Everest