The Pax gathered 16 strong in the chilled post storm gloom. Luckily, Butt Fumble helped us navigate the gloom via his neon ensemble doubling as a human glow stick. Thank you for your service, because my flashlight died mid way. Note to self, check batteries before leaving house on Q days. Nonetheless, it was pirate time on the high seas, which were a brew with fear and trepidation. Then this happen:


The flogging commenced with plank variations. The Pax learned what Sphinx mode means. Many compliments followed. A little side straddle hop commenced and Butt Fumble instructed everyone in the art of Lucky 7’s (regular, diamond, ranger).

The Thang

1st Evolution

Mosey, mosey, mosey to the Hill. At the Hill it was partner up time. Partner A bear crawled down the hill and back up, while partner B had a little burpee party, rinse and repeat three times.

2nd Evolution

Mosey, mosey, mosey over to the Wall. Partner A did a little wall walk times 6. Some super stars did hand stand push-ups and shining stars did Merkins at the bottom of the wall walk. All the while, partner B embraced a world of Merkins.

3rd Evolution

Slight grumble-chatter from the snotsloggers could be detected amidst the minor rebellion of souls. Rounding out the experience, the Pax moseyed over to the flag and partner A did a little sprinting while partner B enjoyed some Lt. Dan’s, rinse and repeat 4 times. To complete the voyage, the Pax occupied themselves with an Indian Run (Native American Run for the Wojo’s of the world).


And finally, when it should have been over, it was circle time. Snokie took us to Simpson Land with some Homer-Marge and variations thereof. Polo taught us the meaning of gravel with a tad of Superman-Banana & Corn Hole laid down the law of the sea with some fast paced American Hammer (Indiana-style).  Of yeah, somewhere in the midst of that was a 10 burpee OYO and Bed Bug got the itch to do some core work, ohhh, my neck…

PAX: Slumlord

QIC: 10/10/2016