YHC arrived at the AO early to scout out some possible props. I did not see TPS stretching in the dry area at first and was getting concerned that I might be Qing just for myself. Then, Heisenberg pulled in and after a brief stretch we were off on a brief mosey to the side of the school. Since it was just us three regulars, the disclaimer was very brief. Due to the lovely conditions provided by hurricane Matthew we were ready to get it started.

The warm-o-rama went something like this:

Side straddle hops x25 IC

Windmills x 20 IC

Sun Gods x 15 IC (both directions)

Chinooks x 15 IC

Imperial walkers x 20 IC

Copperhead squats x20 IC

Then another brief mosey up to the track for…

The Thang Part 1:

YHC decided to combine a merkin ladder with a merkin mile to come up with a “hurricane mile”. We started with 21 merkins, then ran 100m did 20 merkins, ran 100m did 19 merkins, etc. till we finished back where we began with a single merkin.

Then it was time for…

The Thang Part 2:

We continued on the track with a four corners escalator. Each “corner” was at the end of the straight parts of the track. Exercises at each corner were:

10 lunges each leg

10 lunges each leg, 20 LBC’s

10 lunges each leg, 20 LBC’s, 30 squats

10 lunges each leg, 20 LBC’s, 30 squats, 40 plank jacks

We ran a lap around the track and then unwound the escalator. We moseyed back to the front of the school for 6MOM under the overhang (yea!).


Low slow flutter x 20 IC

Low dolly x 20 IC

Box cutters x 20 IC

LBC’s x 20 IC

American Hammer x 20 IC

Then we finished out with a bit of stretching and jumped in our cars to head to Miles for Matthew. We ran about 2.5 miles this morning and then all went for the 5K.


Heisenberg asked for prayers for his sister-in-law, Cathy, who was just admitted to Hospice and is battling cancer.

Thanks for the honor of letting me lead this morning and for coming out to support me on this very sloppy day. Probably more running than you wanted before the race but a strong effort by all. Impressed by TPS today. It was a long journey to finish those last 50 m of Miles for Matthew. Never heard you complain and you are always working hard.

COT: YHC took us out.

PAX: TPS, Heisenberg, and Everest (Q)

QIC: Everest