On National “Do Something Nice” Day, a PAX of 27 men conquered the #fartsack and surrounded the #shovelflag for their #DRP. What could possible go wrong? Xerox, Buttfumble and YHC were first on the scene and… you know that moment when the guy siting across from you in the office is interviewing for the same position you are? Yeah… that happened. Xerox was an innocent bystander. TClaps to Butt Fumble for volunteering to Q next week. #awkward

After realizing that we double stacked the Q position (and safely recruiting an additional 8, just in case) the details were ironed out and off we went into the gloom. Short mosey to Pisgah Church Parking Lot for:


SSH x 20 IC

5 Burpees OYO

Hillbillies x 20 IC

5 Burpees (w/ 2 Merkins) OYO

Sun Gods x 10 IC

Chinooks x 10 IC

Unwind Sungods x 10 IC

5 Burpees (w/ 3 Mekins) OYO

Wojo & Stinky Cheese #splinter off for a nice 3.5 mosey around Country Park. The rest of the PAX lined up for a Double Applesauce Mosey through Jaycee Park to the Country Park Gates. TClaps for the sprint work, gents.

The Thang:

Hootie shared with the group that, in recognition of Nat’l “Do Something Nice” Day, he brought some BLIMPS for the PAX. So nice.

Partner up; #1 starts the BLIMPS wile partner #2 runs from the Gate down to the intersection and back. Flapjack and rinse/repeat. Counts are cumulative.

Burpees x 100

Lunges x 200

Imperial Walkers x 200

Merkins x 100

Plank Jacks x 200

Squats x 200

Omaha called for time. Double Applesauce Mosey back to the #shovelflag. Jailbreak called by Hootie… see? He’s so NICE! And, can ANYONE catch Bird’s Nest?


Crunchy Frogs x 20 IC

Heals & heads @ 6″ 10 count

Homer & Marge

Heals & heads @ 6″ 10 count

American Hammers x 30 IC


-Hootie passed the torch to YHC as the Natty’s Hump site Q. Interested in being a Q? Here this; I’ll proudly co-Q with any VQ wanting to sip from the leadership well. F3 is looking to you for new energy and growth. Give it away!

-2nd week of the High Point launch; Starfish on the Q

-Want to get your family involed in some 1st F? You’re in luck:

Miles for Mathew site is HERE

Buddy Walk site is HERE

*weather is being watched for both events

-From Poehler in regards to discharging #LungBiscuits: “When you’re hocking in the middle, someone could roll in your spittle.”

-Judy’s Chair is at 50% of goal. Take 20 seconds and tweet THIS LINK to your social media contacts

-Lift up But Fumble’s friend, Richard Ronimus and his entire family in your prayers. His brother TriDelta recently lost a long hard battle with depression that ended in him taking his life. Keep your eyes and heart forward, gentleman. Reaach out to a brother in need and speak up if you are one yourself.

-Two year anniversary details coming…

YHC is giving a talk next weekend on Christian Community In Action; a large part is inspired by what I see every time I share the gloom with you. Here is just a section as it pertains to the finding your #Dolphin & #Daisy:

… what if you believed that a guitar was meant to hit Whiffle Balls? Why not, right? It’s got a great shape, huge flat surface, great neck to hold onto, you’ll never miss. It doesn’t hurt the guitar. The Whiffle Ball sure doesn’t mind. It’s easy. You can live your entire life believing that a guitar was designed for the sole purpose of hitting Whiffle Balls.

But, what if, just for once, you placed the guitar in the hands of the one that knew what it was truly meant for?

     You can use a guitar for a lot of things, but it was designed to do one thing like no other.

You can be used for lots of different things, but you are here, you are designed to do one thing like no other. And when you stop and listen and live; When you hear the song that has been written just for you, it will be the most amazing song you have ever heard. Because it it written for you.

     Over time, that song may change, it may even fade, but that only means that a new song is being written for you to share with the world. Find your song in this life and join in the orchestra that is all of us. Listen. Iron Sharpens Iron.

Tommy Boy

PAX: 10/05/16

QIC: avatar_box