61 beautiful degrees greeted the PAX as they made their way to Circle Time this AM.  What a welcome change it is to have fall weather!  The #Natville athletes of Circle Time were gathered, stretching and exchanging #MumbleChatter pleasantries wondering where the semi-last minute fill in Q could be?  After a little mishap with spilled water in M’s car this AM (oops! – note to self, offer her a towel for the day….) YHQ showed up double time hot on 2 wheels to set up some fun and finally join the PAX with 1 meager minute to spare (Q not adequately stretched out! Ouch…)

Unfortunately no FNG’s graced us with their presence this AM so YHC greeted the PAX, no disclaimer except to congratulate them on beating down the Fartsack monster and showing up to get better.  With that, we were off.


Mosey out and along the road with a return to the traffic circle.

SSH x 25 IC

IW x 25 IC

Abe Vigoda x 15 IC

Sungod/chinook medley x 10 each direction

Crescent lunge medley: both legs with twists

Semi-prepped and ready we mosey’d to the back ball fields for the “lighted runway”. Xerox requested some running, so Q obliged with some semi sprints (except Bodett the speedster!) and other various moves of joy.

The Thang: Quarter Pounder

With cones lit by cheap light sticks and spread out at 25, 50, 75 and 100 yards we commenced:

Sprint(ish) 25 yards, perform 25 merkins, run backwards to goal line.

Run (that’s more like it!) 50 yards, perform 50 squats, run backwards to goal line.

Run 75 yards, perform 75 Mt. Climbers, run backwards to the goal line (not Plank Jacks as Q incorrectly demonstrated! – Thanks for pointing out!)

Run 100 yards, perform 100 SSH

Plank & hold for 6 (T-Claps Slumlord for leading)

We repeated the fun going back from whence we came with a quick Omaha to change all exercises to 25 reps only (Q taking it easy on PAX or getting smoked? Discuss amongst yourselves)

With round 2 in the books, we (oh wait, that was me) decided to top off the QP with a side of Cindy. Off to the fitness center we went.

Cindy (OYO)

5 Pullups

10 Merkins

15 squats

Run to end of picnic table shelter for 5 burpees. Return to fitness center for more.

Repeato until time called. I believe most made it through at least 2 rounds.

Times Up – we mosey’d until Gilligan placed a request for jailbreak to “let the horses run”.  We found our way back near the SF.

3MOM (running short on time)

Freddy Mercury x 25IC

Merican Hammer x 25 IC

Thought there was another one before Hammer, but memory’s a bit fuzzy.

COT: Slumlord took us out with great words.


Slumlord – watch for service email.  Support Judy’s Chair – see Butt Fumble.

Stage Fright – pray for his father’s troubles with the social security administration.

Everest – join him for new running workout. Not @ Grimsley!  Watch Twitter.  Pray for Gilligan’s wife and new child.

Gilligan: Miles for Matthew this Saturday.  Sign up now or last minute Friday at Fleet Feet

Boone’s Farm: pray for safe travels, weather holds off and great launch in Tampa.  T-Claps brother for making the trek – #PlantServeGrow

Bodett – time for a new Circle Time site Q!  Please see him if you want to support the A/O and PAX.  (Ahem – Noser & Huffy…..)

Thanks for letting me fill in last minute gentlemen!  Work well done!  Always an honor and pleasure to help lead.



PAX: Botox, TPS, Stage Fright, Xerox (RESPECT), Brown Noser, Slumlord, Bodett, Boone’s Farm, Drizzle, Everest (RESPECT), Plato, Bed Pan, Gilligan, Loophole, Huffy, Chips(QIC)

QIC: Chips