PAX, we have slogging it out in the humid gloom for 50 plus days. I mean, its October, right? When does the humidity end? Well on Oct. 1, 2016, we finally got a break and it was a perfect day. This was a big day for Natville, as several thangs were in motion: The launch of High Point, Wojo’s presentation to Westminster Pres. Men’s Group, etc.

Wojo came early to Ruck with us beforehand, and gave YHC a wonderfully sinister idea to end the beatdown.

And then he left.

Anyways, YHC was more than pleased to see 16 pax roll in for their DRP. We took a short mosey to the warmorama where we did this:

5 sets of Happy Jacks: 5 SSH IC then 3 jump squats 5 sets until you can’t breathe.

15 Hammy Scoops IC

20 Goofballs IC

15 String Ripper IC

20 Hillbillies IC

15 Forward Little Baby Arm Circles sobriety style

15 Reverse Little Baby Arm Circles sobriety style

Mosey to the Softball field. And it’s a softball field, not a baseball field (if anyone wants to know). Due the 2 inches of rain Natville had two days prior, the field was soft, muddy and sloppy. In other words, perfect. In mean, we can go to the fern in pristine conditions and zone out in front of Sports Center on a treadmill for 40m minutes, or we can go get sloppy together in the gloom with stories to tell. I choose the latter.

We partnered up for the Octopus cycle. YHC was partnered with Warinka.  Now before YHC gets into the Thang, YHC just wants to share a few thoughts about this guy. This cat is special. Three months ago, he went the Love Center to hit tennis balls. When he discovered the place was locked up, he saw us heading to the warmarama decided to hop in. That. Takes. Balls. He didn’t know a soul. He didn’t know what we were doing. He didn’t know that YHC was Qing that day. He made it through the beatdown, and we learned that he has autism and doesn’t have a lot of friends, but he loves to work out and loves tennis. A few weeks later, YHC ran into Warinka at Omega Sports and asked him if he was still posting. He said he wasn’t because he felt it was too hard for him. YHC said “nonsense!” and encouraged him to post the next time. He showed up and we talked bit during with workout, where YHC learned he just took a job as a janitor at a middle school. At that point YHC realized that YHC had mad props for this guy. I would never run across a guy like him in my daily life and yet through F3, we are helping each other.  This week, before the Thang, Warkina commented that he had not been in a couple of weeks but he felt that he needed to get back. YHC felt grateful that he wanted to come back. That I wanted to encourage and prop him up in any way I could so that in during the next 45 minutes we both could get better.

That’s what it’s all about guys. That’s the magic.

Ok pass the tissues and lets’ get on with it.

The Thang was the Octopus Cycle. 1 membrane was set up just north of 2nd base with the tunes and 8 stations set up equidistant from the membrane. Partners would run to each station, do each exercise, flapjack, then run back to the membrane, knock out 5 burpees, then onto the next station, back to the membrane, 5 burpees, you get the idea. Three rucksacks were available for extra fun if the PAX were so inclined. YHC spotted Tommy Boy, Stage Fright, On Time and Pennywise donning the rucksacks and that was impressive guys. The station set-up was this:

Station 1

30 crab cakes



30 merkins

WWI Sit ups


30 dryocks

6 inch leg lift hold


30 shoulder taps

Al gore


20 prisoner get ups

WWII sit-ups


20 one legged squats (10 each Leg) on fence

Alabama ass kickers


20 Turkish get ups

mountain climbers


30 Squats

Flutter Kicks

Did that for 25 long minutes. The PAX were able to complete the cycle before Omaha was called.

Thang part II:

We then moseyed up to the fitness center to the beginning of the split rail wooden fence along the road. THIS is where Wojo’s nasty tricksies came in to play. Along the fence the PAX went OVER the top rail, THROUGH the middle rail and UNDER the bottom rail, until the PAX reached the end by the shovel flag. A significant increase in mumblechatter ensued. It was like Spartan Race Lite, except there were was no mud pit and no Reebok employee telling you to do 30 burpees.


20 Dying Cockroach IC

15 Box cutters IC

10 Plank Up and Unders IC

10 PlankWalks IC

20 American Hammers IC


-All PAX did an awesome job this morning. TCLAPS to you all.


-Sacked is looking for a Site Q for the Nightmare. Step up or Sacked will come find you.

-OCT 22, 2016:   2 year anniversary of Natville F3 launch.  SAVE THE DATE.

-Stretch called to keep our children in prayer and help them deal with the stresses they are going through.

COT: Sacked led us in prayer. Thanks Sacked!

Thank you all for the opportunity to contribute to this group.




PAX: Matlock

QIC: 10/01/2016