15 eager Natville Pax, one FNG/2.0, came out on a more than expected humid Saturday morning in September to put in some work at Mendenhall’s Rainbow Dash.  Deuce, Viagra’s sidekick, was raring to go so the leash was tightened and off we went.  The Q heard that the AO was that way as we proceeded onto Willoughby toward Cone Blvd.  This is how the morning unfolded:

Mosey: Long Mosey first to Sherwood Swim and Tennis parking lot


SSH x 25

Right over left Left over right stretches 10 second count per side

Squats x 20

Lucky 7’s (7 diamond/7 regular/7 wide merkins)

Knee to chest back stretch

Sun Gods x 15 back and forward

Parker Peters x 20

Hug it out arm stretch

Crab Cakes x 15

The Thang Part I:

Partner Up for a BLIMP – Partner A runs around the Tennis Pro Shop and up the stairs and back to relieve Partner B who is working through the BLIMP then flip flop

B – Burpees

L – Lunges

I – Imperial Walkers

M – Merkins

S – Squats

Once both have completed the running circuit and BLIMPS Part I was complete

Mosey: to the Page High School stadium bleachers

The Thang Part II:

Partner A runs up and down the bleachers (Up large steps and down short steps) 4x while Partner B BLIMPS. Work through the circuit until time is called.  Most teams got to the Imperial Walkers and then time was called.

Mosey: Back to Sherwood Swim and Tennis parking lot where we completed

Dying Cock Roach x 20

LBC’s x 20

WWII Situps x 15

Mosey: Back to Mendenhall Middle School (whose idea was this……………………..?)


American Hammer x 50 (JLove took over – I think I stopped at 25!!!!!!!)

Great work this morning men and welcome Jackson Proctor (9) aka Thriller. It was an honor being with you all and working hard.  I believe the fit bit’s said we mosey’d a total of 3.3miles – STRONG.


BF Butt Fumble


PAX: Butt Fumble

QIC: 09/17/2016