At 5:30 this morning at the Crater we all took a bit of refresher RUGBY 101. We started with a short mosey to begin the fun. This is what happened next:

-15 Side Straddle Hops; 7’s Merkins; 20 LBC’s; Imperial squat walkers and then we all lined up for an Indian Run to the bridge for some burpies. 3 Burpies and another Indian run up the hill for more burpies. There we counted off by 1’s. We had 9 in the PAX for we lined up 4 and then 5. We took turns practicing the lateral BACKWARDS as in Rugby. If the ball the dropped the entire team did 10 merkins. We then faced the next team with the idea of trying to score (get by the team in front for a rugby try).

After that FUN we moseyed to the back wall at the dumpsters (where they just picked up the garbage for this week). We did ascending testicles and tried to do 10 dirkins with each change of position. Next we moseyed to the picknick tables where 1 of the PAX lost his SUBARU car keys and he works at Wake Forest but the keys were located.:20 Step ups, 15 dirkins and 20 dips were next.

Then Mary. Peter Parkers, Homer and Marge, then the infamous American Hammer and Flutter kicks. Lots coming up Saturday and this week; Buddy run, Mathews run and some other fun is in store; Check your calendars for more info. Thank you for allowing me to Q this morning. It is an honor and a pleasure to walk to Jefferson; set up the cones and the workout for this morning. This is an incredible group which is so important to each of us. Wojo lead us out !



PAX: 10/3/2016

QIC: Snookie