5 PAX assembled in the gloom hoping Matlock had the Q including YHC who had committed to leading the #NorthernRuck months ago, but hd yet to attend. Wojo sported new highlighter inspired socks, borrowed gloves from ON-TIME a pack from MATTOCK and we were off into the gloom. As we drifted off into the midst TPS asked humbly…what do we do now???

As we quick-walked down toward the park (like the BRR team to the porto potties) Matlock and Wojo regaled us with tales including Bed Bug suffering through a #COUGARTOWN five miler under Udders, 30 miles over speeding ticket, and Bear Poop. Does a Bear poop in the woods? obviously not on the BRR, they go right beside the highway. Ask Matlock, he knows and can sniff it out like a pig for truffles. In the midst of story time we stopped for some dips/plank flapjack.

We cut left up the hill to the man bike trail. Headlights not optional, but Wojo’s blinker was on and he offered to clear all the spider webs with his double FSU tomahawk chop. After 40 minutes of trail stomping, interrupted by a set of inclined merkins the group emerged by the “safety station”. Moseying past the bleachers we did another set of dips before heading to the fitness station for some enhanced pull-ups (vest included). After two sets we quick stepped past the new O-U-T serpent course (Over/Under/Through) AKA split rail fence off to Mary.

Deep slow squats IC 10 with weight – AKA Bear Squats

Freddie Mercury; Knees to Forehead; Dying Cockroach; Homer/Marge; High Dolly; Mid Dolly; American Hammer

YHC took us out.


Always an honor.


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