Fun fact…Pennywise graduated from Ringling Bros Clown College back in the day.  Pennywise…Glad to have you with us this morning.  We look forward to seeing you find your groove now that you are plugged in.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Get involved and we’ll help you get better.  That’s what it’s all about. Kudos to Tommy Boy for the EH.

29 PAX (possibly record attendance) show for a beat-down in perfect weather at GDS.  The mumble chatter was relentless, but what a great way to start a Friday.  Thanks for the boost fellas.

I knew we had a full agenda so after the disclaimers and a standard warm-a-rama we took a lap around the parking lot and formed a circle to Git’ er done!

The thang was made up of a set of 9 exercises, one minute at a time.  After completing a full set, we took a minute to “rest”.  Snookie led us through “sevens” for the first “rest” and Sacked led us in weighted ‘Merican Hammers for after completing set 2.


  1. Clean and press
  2. Standing row
  3. Tricep extensions
  4. Dead lift
  5. Curls
  6. Front/Side shoulder raises
  7. Bent-over row
  8. Chest press while doing bridge on back
  9. Overhead pull while doing bridge on back

We had to take at least one lap on the track before Mary.


4-count leg lifts

Hold legs at 45 deg. and reach for toes

Heel touches (Bed bug reqeuest)

Finish with Hammers

Great work by everyone this morning.  It was an honor to lead and I appreciate all the men that keep this train rolling.

Nomad out.

Special Announcements:

Men’s breakfast this Saturday at 8 am.  Location:  3906 W. Friendly Ave.  Wojo will be speaking to a group of men about F3 and the impact it has on men.  Please let Wojo know if you plan to attend so they can plan food accordingly.

Oct. 1 Backpack beginnings…see 2nd F email for more info.

See the 2nd and 3rd F emails for other opportunities to grow and serve each week.

PAX: Nomad

QIC: 09/30/2016