17 PAX posted at Starmount Stampede with the intention of getting better and we did.  Covered 3.9 miles of distance as we pushed ourselves on 1/4 mile intervals throughout the Starmount & Wedgewood neighborhoods.  It went a lil’ somthin’ like this.


SSH x 20

Windmill x 15

Sungods x 16

* Mosey to corner of Starmounnt Dr. and Beverly Pl.

Leg 1

Corner of Starmount Dr. and Beverly Pl. north to corner of Beverly Pl. and Madison Ave.

Leg 2

Corner of Beverly and Madison Ave. west to corner of Madison Ave. and Wedgedale Ave.

*Recovery run north on Wedgedale Ave. to Kirby Dr.

Leg 3

Corner of Kirby Dr. and Wedgedale Ave. east to the corner of Kirby Dr. and Beverly Pl.

* Recovery run north on Beverly Pl. to Dogwood

Leg 4

Corner of Dogwood Dr. and Beverly Pl. west to corner of Dogwood Dr. and Wedgedale Ave.

* Recovery run north on Wedgedale Ave. to Wedgedale Pl.

Leg 5

Corner of Wedgedale Ave. and Wedgedale Pl. east to corner of Hobbs Rd. and Beverly Pl.

* Recovery run south on Beverly Pl. to Starmount Dr.

* Mosey south to corner of Madison Ave. and Beverly Pl.

Leg 6

West on Madison Ave. to corner of Madison Ave. and Wedgedale Ave.

* Mosey south on Wedgedale Ave. to Starmount Dr.

Leg 7

East on Starmount Dr. to corner of Beverly Place and Starmount Dr.

* Mosey back to shovel flag


Freddie Mercury x 25

LBC x 25

Low slow flutter x 20

American hammer x 15

Mole Skin

#TClaps to the Pax for continuing to cover more ground every time we do this workout.  Almost covered 4 miles as a group, that is a solid performance and one that shows improvement across the board.


Nancy might announce Miles for Matthew at every workout, but don’t let the repitition fool you.  It means something…..its personal.  Make it personal to yourself, sign up and help fund the fight against Muscular Dystrophy.


GIVE IT AWAY FELLAS!  Planting F3 High Point.  Clown car leaves Green Valley Grill parking lot at 6:15 AM.

Magic is new site Q for Arise on Tuesday mornings at 5:30 AM.  He needs Q’s, schedule is wide open.

Maneater took us out.


~Cheesy Poof

PAX: 9-29-16

QIC: 213