18 PAX posted at Starmount Stampede for some additional BRR training.  We covered some good distance on our 1/4 mile interval course.  A couple of us had to splinter off after a turtle sighting, which led to a rather unfortunate run in with an M, that won’t be soon forgotten.  Nothing that paper towels and Lysol couldn’t take care of.  I digress…..here is how it went down.


SSH x 20

Windmill x 15

Sungods x 16

* Mosey to corner of Starmounnt Dr. and Beverly Pl.

Leg 1

Corner of Starmount Dr. and Beverly Pl. north to corner of Beverly Pl. and Madison Ave.

Leg 2

Corner of Beverly and Madison Ave. west to corner of Madison Ave. and Wedgedale Ave.

*Recovery run north on Wedgedale Ave. to Kirby Dr.

Leg 3

Corner of Kirby Dr. and Wedgedale Ave. east to the corner of Kirby Dr. and Beverly Pl.

* Recovery run north on Beverly Pl. to Dogwood

Leg 4

Corner of Dogwood Dr. and Beverly Pl. west to corner of Dogwood Dr. and Wedgedale Ave.

* Recovery run north on Wedgedale Ave. to Wedgedale Pl.

Leg 5

Corner of Wedgedale Ave. and Wedgedale Pl. east to corner of Hobbs Rd. and Beverly Pl.

* Recovery run south on Beverly Pl. to Starmount Dr.

* Mosey south to corner of Madison Ave. and Beverly Pl.

Leg 6

West on Madison Ave. to corner of Madison Ave. and Wedgedale Ave.

* Mosey south on Wedgedale Ave. to Starmount Dr.

Leg 7

East on Starmount Dr. to corner of Beverly Place and Starmount Dr.

* Mosey back to shovel flag


Freddie Mercury x 25

LBC x 25

Low slow flutter x 20

American hammer x 15


3 For 1 send off is going down tonight at Mac’s Speed Shop.  Wear a tacky tie for a proper send off.

Brown Bark Benefit & 5K is this weekend, great race to benefit the homeless.


Sole Crusher is moving to Lindley Park Elementary to prepare for the Miles for Matthew race.

Convergence this Friday with Lunatic Fringe and Uptown Funk, will be meeting at Uptown Funk AO.

Also Labor Day convergence at Latham Grinder.

Nancy took us out.


~Cheesy Poof


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