Five brave Men conquered the fartsack this morning in Oak Ridge despite predawn rain concerns and a late night presidential debate hangover. Fortunately the rain held off and allowed the PAX a thorough total body workout. Still fresh off his recent BRR run, YHC was anxious to give the legs a rest this go around so today’s workout covered upper body and core through a series of monkey hangs, jump roping, merkins, and of course the bear crawl that left everyone gasping for air. Despite the burn and pain, the five of us got better today and I’m grateful for the opportunity to lead the PAX. The workout went something like this…

1 Minute Plank, Welcome Speech

Mosey to the playground

One minute monkey hang (with timer)

Mosey to concession area for warm O-Rama

-Windmills, Hillbillies, Copperhead Squats x 15 IC, Cobra Stretches

Thang 1

Concession area to parking lot, 1 merkin

Return to concession area, 2 Merkins

Back to parking lot 3 Merkins…finish w/ 14 Merkins


5 minutes of Mary

-Peter Parkers x 15

-Box Kicks x 15

-Pickle Pounders x 15

(Partner Up)

Thang 2

Partner A runs to parking lot to jump rope

Partner B stays to perform the

following: -monkey humpers (x20),

exploding jump squats (x10), WWI sit ups

(x20), Dugout Dips (x12)

Partner A and B switch exercises

Thang 3

-120 yard bear crawl (Crowd pleaser)

Mosey To Shovel Flag


-Nolan Ryan’s x 15 per side

-Box Cutters x 15

-bicycle kicks x 15

-Convoy closed us out with American Hammer x 15

COT: Wolverine took us out.

Moleskin: Despite the gloomy weather, the PAX performed well and maintained a positive spirit throughout the workout with healthy mumble chatter. TCLPAS to Bodette for a trip to the Cadet Lab for a second week in a row. It aint so bad in the country is it? How about bringing some city folk with you next week! Wolverine, way to kill the bear crawl as we all followed your lead to the end. Heisenberg continues to impress us youngin’s (#RESPECT) and I appreciate your AO leadership and opportunity to join you in the gloom each week. Convoy shut us down today with a healthy dose of American Hammer that I was really hoping to end at 10 count, but way to push the PAX and finish out at 15.


Miles for Matthew run signups are still available. Many F3 brothers are competing on October 8th in the 5k or 10k. Come show support and sign up today. Support F3 brother Girth whose son, Matthew, has the Duchenne form of Muscular Dystrophy.

Buddy Walk for kids with Down Syndrome is later that day. Come support Double Check and other F3 brothers with Down Syndrome kids.

Bodette’s church (Westminster Presbyterian in GSO) is having a Pancake breakfast after this Saturday’s workouts. Be on the lookout for a 3rd F email blast in the next day or so. The topic of discussion: F3.

Gentlemen, it’s an honor and privilege to be associated with such a strong group of men. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to lead. SYITG


PAX: Heisenberg, Bodette, Wolverine, Convoy, Spurrier (Q)

QIC: Spurrier