After gather at the shovel flag, 11 PAX moseyed to the Bellemeade parking deck and up the 8-story spiral.  It would be a bit of foreshadowing to the rest of the morning’s festivities.

Warm-up: As per standard, the PAX executed an active warm-up to get the blood flowing a bit before the beat down.  Warm-up was conducted around the 4 sides of the top of the parking deck as follows:

  1. Accelerate to 50%
  2. High Knees
  3. Butt kickers
  4. Karaoke and reverse
  5. Side step and reverse
  6. Sumo squat (stretching alternating squats)
  7. Sumo lunge (stretching alternating lunge)
  8. Accelerate to 75%
  9. Accelerate to 100%

After the warm-up, the PAX gathered at the top of the spiral to review the plan for the Thang.


Much like the Kirk, which has been made famous not only by having been done a few times during workouts, but also in riddles at Uptown Funk, the Jerk consists of the PAX completing a series of exercises at the top of the parking garage, then running to the base, back to the top and executing the exercises again.  The PAX continue AMRAP until time is called.

  1. 7 x Carolina Drydocks
  2. 14 x Peter Perkins
  3. 21 x Side-straddle Squats
  4. 28 x Sun gods
  5. 35 Crunchy frogs

Most PAX completed at least 3 circuits with a few completing 4+.


  1. 20 x LBC
  2. 20 x Flutter kicks
  3. 20 x Hello Dollies
  4. 25 x American Hammers

COT: Wide Left

Thanks for the opportunity, Men.

Aye – Wide Left


PAX: Kicker, Crablegs, Hermey, Quicken, Drysdale, Wilson, Secretary, The Mare, Earhart, Dr Phil, Wide Left

QIC: Wide Left