12 pax and the Rainbow Dash mascot Bailey gathered around the flag listening to Dave Matthews Band. We did a little pre stretch and discussed the choice of station which was requested by J-Love. It was a solid choice and got us in a good place. J-Love Eh’d me and I owe a lot to him so whatever he wants goes, it gets a little awkward when he picks The Biebs… . After getting our minds right, we mosey through the buildings into the field behind the double wides for –

Warm UP


Sun Gods (forward) 5 small, 5 big/ (backward) 5 small, 5 big IC

String Ripper X 10 IC

Staying in SR position we hold left leg (10ct) middle (10 ct) right leg (10 ct)

Hand Release Merkin X 10 IC

Monkey Humper X 15 IC

The pax is warm and mummblechattering about getting wet on the HR merkins. We mosey up to the football field and prepare for “The Michigan”

The Thang

The Michigan came to yhc via the evil mastermind from Isotope, “Mini Me” when he punished the pax of Carterico with this wo. I missed it, but heard how awful it was so had to give it a shot.

It was like the grounds crew at Mendenhall knew we had the Michigan planned. The field was actually cut and lined. We lined up on the goal line and waited for Bailey to get his pre game jitters out on the field. Luckily Viagra comes prepared with bag.

Its 10- 100 yrds dash, 8-80 yrds, 6-60 yrds, 4-40 yrds, 2-20 yrds with work in between. Here is how we did it at the RD.

10- 100 yrds (5 sec recovery countdown)

Air Press X 30 IC

Merkins X20 IC

8- 80 yrds  (5 sec recovery)

Overhead Claps X 20 IC

Carolina Dry Docks X 15 IC

6-60 yrds

Seated overhead Clap X 20 IC

Goblet Squat X 20 IC

4-40 yrds

Wojo Squat w Jumper (Birds Nest & Big Mitt’s fav) X 20 IC

Maktar N’Jai’s X 10 IC

2-20 yrds

Bear Crawl Burpee’s- Bear crawl 5 yards and do 5 burpees, rinse and repeat for 20 yards or 4 rounds.

Watch check was only 6:35!  time was standing still. Pax flew through the Michigan and the Q was getting smoked or KMOA (kicking my own a#@)

Mosey to the nice knee wall and we steal a page from the Chasers Big Bang WO done at the New Bern Launch wo last Sat.

Step Ups X 20 IC

Irkins X 10 IC

Dips X 10 IC

Step Ups X 20 IC

Derkins X 10 IC (at this point yhc was so smoked he had to start dishing out the cadence to other pax. Think Puppy took this one)

Dips X 10 IC (Brisket led this one and may have started the exercise with “take your mark” or something along those lines? Nobody laughed because nobody was breathing well)

Find a line for some ski hops

Side to Side – 30 sec

LBC’s X 20 IC

Front and Back – 30 sec

LBCs’ X 20 IC

TIme still standing still, lets go to the hill at the entrance.

Descending Merkin ladder on the hill.

Run up hill 10 Merkins, back down 9 merkins, back up 8 and so on until plank for the six.

Somehow it was still not time for Mary? This was a pack of Sugar Rays and there was not much recovering in between the beatings.

We mosey back to the flag and figure we can burn some time with Roxanne. Thank goodness it took the Q forever to find the song on you tube and get around the commercials. longest recovery of the morning for sure.

Roxanne- every time Sting says Roxanne we do a Merkin, every Night, Light, Right etc we do a Plank Jack. The song is about 3 minutes long and this was a tough way to end already tough day. During the middle of the song there is a period to do some plank o rama (right arm high, left arm etc) allows for shoulders to have some recovery. The pax rocked it


Low Slow Futter X 20 IC

Dying Cockroach X 20 IC

American Hammer X 20 IC

COT- The Q put the pax in the hot seat requesting someone to lead the prayer that hasn’t done so before. Brisket steps up and delivers a great prayer.


Announcements/ Moleskin

  • Coffeteria went down at Green Bean and we had about 8 post. It was some great second F and yhc took a tongue lashing for getting home so much later than usual. Made the M late to Palates class ! ooops…
  • Praises for Pamela’s wife’s exam coming back negative
  • 3rd F at Hush Puppy’s house starting next Sunday Oct 2nd @ 7:30 pm. Book is called Sticky Faith. Hush Puppy has 10 copies.
  • Man Eater has bit the bullet and is on the twitter machine. Give him a follow at @RobbyEatman . let it be known he did not announce this, but there was discussion during the pre stretch. Its going to take him a year or more to figure it out.
  • We missed the site Q Woody and we where hoping for some Asian music and line dancing routine that was promised. 3 hours of sleep and 24 hr plane ride is not acceptable excuse. you were charged with a #fartsack
  • This was one of  the harder workouts yhc has dished out I believe. There was plenty of mosey and not much on the recovery. Great work by all the pax and thanks for jumping in there when I couldn’t breath to call an exercise !

An honor and a blessing for me to be able to lead the pax at Rainbow Dash.