The Smorgasbord was set on Wednesday morning and the PAX of 19 arrived to get a plate full. YHC on Q tried to provide a variety of work.

Warm O Rama

Starting out on the hard top we gathered PAX and pace as we rolled into the day:

  • High Knees
  • Backward run
  • Butt kickers
  • Jog Back
  • Circle up for Windmill, Plank, Deep Squat,  Parker Peter, 5 merkins

As a conclusion to the warm up and definitive transition into The Thang we formed 5 mostly equal rows of ~4 men and started to jog in place. Even though it was Wednesday morning I was still pumped about the Steelers definitive victory over the Cincinnati BUNGles which led me to think we need to do some up downs or hit its in light of football season and the strong start up in the Steel City. PAX jogged in placed and ripped off about 25-35 up downs.

The Thang Jr.

After forming two lines for India Run the PAX transitioned out of the hard top area through the parking lot to Starmount Drive and took a right toward the baseball diamond. After passing close to the baseball pitch I thought we needed some top shelf Derkin action so the Indian run stood aside for the moment and the PAX formed up with feet on top rail and a 20 count called bottle of Derkin was served.

Next we moseyed to the hill at the baseof the parking lot for a 8:1 Jacobs Ladder with the Bear Crawling up the hill and the men running down. Atop the hill we enjoyed Merkins and upon reaching the bottom ripped off squats. The PAX ran through some SSH and plank action awaiting the 6 before resuming Indian Run and 20 Top Shelf Derkins enroute back to the hardtop court.

The Thang Sr.

Ok time to make use of those bricks and pavers. This is the meat portion of the Smorgasbord. We are not serving tapas here and there is no edamame on this one.

5 Teams

Counterclockwise rotation with advancement to next station when another group arrives to your area or when accomplishing 60 reps.

  1. Playground: 15 pull ups
  2. Bridge over River Kwai: Lunges
  3. Dump station (aka Potty): Step ups
  4. Hardtop #1 Flock of Sea Gulls with pavers or brick. “Irvwin M. Fletcher you choose”
  5. Hardtop #2 Kneeling Military Press with paver

We finished a rotation and called for Mary. She did not respond but all was cool. We decided to do some ab work anyway.

  • Cumberland County Viaduct 11 IC each side
  • X, O  ~25 count
  • Circle up for 90 Count Chilcut pank


Miles For Matthew- sign up for 8-Oct race. See the F3 team sign up. Raises funds for Girth’s son Matthew. Can sponsor if you cannot show.


YHC took us out.

Great to work out together men.  #StrongerTogether


PAX: Explosion

QIC: 09/21/16