This morning’s festivities all began with an email from Sacked in August calling some of #Natville’s Sugar Rays to step up, join the fray at Cornwallis’ Nightmare and be on-point as Q. Humbled to be on his request list (although I still claim he emailed me by accident!), I jumped at the opportunity. CN is the #MuthaShip of F3 Greensboro after all. After months of mission work helping #PlantServeGrow #F3GSO at Rainbow Dash, I was pumped to go back “home”.

7:00AM on the nose, YHC checked to see if any FNG’s were in attendance. No newbies, just 28 of F3Greensboro’s finest in tow so I took a moment to (re-)introduce myself, remind the PAX briefly of F3’s mission and enthusiastically (from what I’m told) welcome everyone to the #1stF.

We were off on a mosey to the Graveyard. On the way, I believe YHQ was accused of partaking in more than one #DoubleEspresso to get amped for our efforts. PED’s may have even been whispered…..Not true – just pumped to be with the PAX and hoping to lead well with a worthy #beatdown.

As the PAX gathered for our Graveyard Warmarama, YHC realized no disclaimer was given so I reminded all men the “Six” is NEVER left behind. On your own, but PUSH as much as you can: Goal = HIM’s devoted to Acceleration.


IW x 25 IC

Sun gods x 15 ea IC Sobriety Style

Abe Vigoda x 20 IC

Copperhead squats x 25 IC

Toy soldiers x 25 IC

Crescent pose & hold with twist

Much welcomed #MumbleChatter throughout the WAR – good to be home.

With a fair amount of warmth moving through the body, we were ready to head out for the morning’s work.

PAX Double applesauce’d our way to Park Gate. (Yes Snookie, we do have to mosey some…..)

From the gate, we formed several lines shoulder to shoulder across the park road to follow YHC’s lead on:


Karaoke (each direction)

A-Skips to finish to the 3-Way Stop

A short mosey down to the right brought us half way down the park road hill for an intro to:

The Thang! 1000 Reps to Ripped (or Ripper for those already Sugar Ray’d like Daphne!)

PAX counted off in 3’s in order to split up at the stations. YHC is a believer in team workouts, so Sugar Rays were encouraged to stay with their group and perform more reps if/as necessary. The reps and stations can be attacked as Captain’s choice – ie. divide the reps in smaller chunks and rotate through the stations multiple times, etc. Goal is still for each man to complete all reps at each station.

Station 1 On Hill/On Road

1. SSH x 300

2. Air Squared x 200

3. Wojo Squats x 100

Mosey to:

Station 2 Across Footbridge to Park Road

4. Merkins x 100

5. Lt. Dans x 100 #excuseme?

6. Stationary Bear Crawl x 50 #PAXexcited

Mosey to:

Station 3 Shelter

7. Carolina Drydocks x 50

8. Lunges x 50 (yes each leg)

9. Burpees x 50 #Seriously!

Yes – this definitely looked good on paper. Actual execution of the workout a bit harder. No Xerox, I did not think this one up on a plane at altitude and low on oxygen. But I might have to stop reading magazines with crazy workout ideas. Quite a bit of #MumbleChatter from station to station and indications of real #CrowdPleaser quantities on the reps. As someone once said, set your goals so high that even if you don’t reach them, you still made it a long way and accomplished more than most (Chips liberal paraphrase!). With that in mind – well done. I believe most groups made it at least 2/3 of the of the way (if not more) through the reps.

Time quickly passed by as we were having so, so much fun. A slow mosey in two lines brought us back to the gate for a little more Double Applesauce until some bold PAX member called a jailbreak – not YHC I assure you – Q smoked.

6MOM (or maybe 3MOM)

Oblique V Ups x 10 each side IC – #notyourgrandadscindycrawford

Hammer x 20 IC #LetFreedomRing!!!!


Grace Community Church: Pigskin Preview Today – 1-4PM. Pamela leading and discussing men’s fellowship weekend.


Coffeteria – join in when you go to A/O’s

Cornwallis Nightmare Site Q: end of year is the time for change. If you are interested in being a site Q – no better place than CN. See Sacked.


October 1st – High Point launch led by Natville, Jamestown and Dash (Gunny, Prophet). Support to #PlantServeGrow. 6 week launch and providing Q’s.

October 1st at 8AM: speaking about F3 at Westminster Presbyterian at a men’s breakfast. Join to represent F3.

October 15: 2nd Anniversary – stay tuned on The Twitta’ for details


October 8:

Miles for Matthew: 8:30AM, Lindley Elementary School, 5K or 10K, prices increase October 7, sign up here:

Buddy Walk for Downs Syndrome: Keeley Park (McLeansville), 10:30AM, register here:

COT: Snookie – well done; thanks for the words.

NMM: Men of Cornwallis’ Nightmare: it was my absolute honor and pleasure to be at the helm of such a mighty strong “ship” this morning. T-Claps to Sacked for the invitation. More importantly, a BIG T-Claps to the PAX in attendance for the warm welcome home, great effort to become better and commitment to beginning a new gift of a day with enthusiasm.



P.S. – that was Part 1.  Join me for Part 2 on 11/19/16!  AYE!

PAX: 09/24/16

QIC: 279